Weekly Wrap-up

Happy almost weekend!

So many great finds for this week! :

Apple everything

This is impressive

French toast on another level

ASOS beauty

I got type A!

Second breakfast anyone?

Glowy foundations  for oily skin!

The struggle is real!

Power rangers

Astrology home decor

Brownie French fries!

Unique touch

New Lush additions

Never be stuck for a lunch idea again

Black Blush?

Chocolate balls of goodness

Lashes with Halloween!

Cream soda hair?!

Love this decor theme

Closet goals

Have a great weekend




DIY Shower Jelly

So recently I decided to try making my own shower jellies after seeing some at Lush. I’m glad I did because now I’m obsessed with them!

The thing I love most is that you get to control the product, fragrance, colour etc. I played around with different colours and additions like shimmer, essential oils, shapes etc.

I wanted to share my base recipe for it which you can add other things to like oils, fragrances etc and make it your own!

What you will need:

Gelatine powder (2 teaspoons for 500 ml of liquid)

3/4 cup of boiling water

Pinch of salt

3/4 of shower gel or liquid soap

How to:

Dissolve gelatine powder in the water. Add the shower gel/soap and salt and mix to combine.

Add any colour (food colouring), essential oils, shimmer etc that you would like and pour into moulds of your choice.

Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before removing out of mould.

These smelt amazing and the shimmer was unbelievable on the skin during the shower and after!

To use these all you need to do is wet them under warm water and it melts onto your skin and lathers.

Have you tried jellies ? Comment your thoughts below x

SS xx

Celeb Inspired Makeup: GiGi

I love seeing what looks the celebs are rocking and the new trends they pull off, today I am channeling my inner GiGi. I love her natural yet glam makeup looks and wanted to try copying one of my favourite looks from her.

Obviously I don’t look like her – don’t have the same face shape, eye colour or hair but makeup wise I wanted to copy her look!

Products used are listed below:

Primer: Maybelline Baby skin primer

Foundation: Bourjois Air Mat foundation

Concealer : L.A Girl

Setting Powder: Maybelline Matte Maker

Blush: no – brand eBay blush

Highlight: NYX Ombré eyeshadow palette – shade Barely There

Lashes: Red Cherry lashes

Lips: Colorpop in Double Tap shade + Rimmel Gloss in Glossaholic shade

Who is your celeb makeup muse??

Comment below x

SS x

Weekly Wrap-up

Greetings Beauties!!

Yay to another weekend to enjoy x

Here are this week’s picks :



Review: Maybelline Master Blush Palette

Haven’t done a review in awhile and decided it’s time to share my thoughts on the new Maybelline Master Blush Palette.

I love blushes and own too many and when I saw Maybelline released this palette I instantly fell in love with the shades!

These are very pigmented and I love the rosy warm colours. Below are shots from when I was testing them out – all had a little bit of the lightest shimmer highlight on them – starting from left to right with the peach, then bright pink to plum below:

With spring starting in September these will go great with lots of bright looks.

Comment below your favourite Blush Palette!



I am growing my palette collection at the moment and I always try to get different ones so I don’t have too many that are too similar.

My current frequently used palette is the Crush Cosmetics palette – I love it for its range of shimmery warm colours!

I thought I would dedicate a post to the different looks I’ve created from the one Palette.

Without flash and with flash:

Pink Inspo:



What are your fave crush cosmetic’s palettes?!

Comment below

SS xx

Night Skincare Routine

I love all things skincare so I wanted to share with you my current night time skincare routine which is doing wonders for my skin!

At night I tend to concentrate on anti-aging and moisturising mostly for my skin. I tend to use the heavier products at night so my skin can restore overnight.


I firstly remove makeup with makeup wipes and then I use a cleanser to wash my face thoroughly.

My current favourite cleansers are charcoal, cream and oil cleansers which I alternate.

Anti-aging Serums:

My holy trio of serums!

Insta Natural Vitamin C Serum

This transformed my skin. It’s like a filter for your skin. My skin is brighter, smoother and plumper. I use about 3 drops on my face each night.

Larenim Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I use this Serum to hydrate my skin. It is lightweight and clear – my skin keeps hydrated and keeps lines away!!

Derma-e Anti Wrinkle Treatment Oil

I love this oil as it targets lines and plumps the skin. It isn’t oily and gives me a glow!

I pop all three serums onto my skin after cleansing but before any moisturising cream.


Lastly I moisturise! I use natural moisturisers as my skin absorbs those the best.

My night time moisturiser is Natural Instinct Restoring Night Cream.

This cream has no artificial additives (fragrances, silicones, sulphates etc) and is a rich moisturising formula that hydrated, diminishes lines and gives a radiant finish.

Weekly additions:

  • At least once a week I will use a face mask- I like trying new masks and mixing it up – pore minimising, hydrating , brightening etc
  • Scrubs! I also exfoliate about twice a week – this gets rid of dead skin and promotes circulation and brightens the surface.

Comment below some of your favourite night time skin products!



Weekly Wrap-up

Hello lovelies – hope your week has been a good one!

Have some awesome picks this week for you all:

Enjoy your weekend !

SS x