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1001 Ways to Tranquillity and Confidence

This book is part of a 1001 ways to…. series and I two of the books. The books are full of quotes and inspiration it is great for a little pick me up below I’ve shared two of my favourite bits from each book!

A Peice of Cake by Cupcake Brown

What a brilliant book! Cupcake Brown tells the story of her life and what a story it is! Raw and uncensored, heartbreaking at times yet such an inspirational book – Cupcake shows true resilience.

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

This is one of those timeless books you can read again and again and each time you read it with the same interest as you did the first time! Very symbolic book about powerful women and womanhood. This would be on my ‘must must read in your lifetime’ list.

You by Caroline Kepnes

This is a creepy book. Written from the perspective of an obsessed book store owner who is creepy, deranged and cannot keep his dark obsessions in check. Very interesting read with a lot of twists. Intense psychological thriller.


What are you reading at the moment? Do you have a life changing book to share?

Until next time x

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5 Amazing Breakfast Recipes To Make Right Now

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals and I love to mix it up and try new dishes – below are new recipes I have tried and loved in the past month.

Dutch pancakes! Recipe here – photo courtesy of Not Quite Nigella.

Bacon and Mushroom Frittata – recipe here photo courtesy of Damn Delicious.

Mocha Banana Protein Smoothie Bowl – recipe here – photo courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen.

Savoury French Toast Casserole – recipe here – photo courtesy of Little Spice Jar. 

Paris Style Eggs Benedict – recipe here – photo courtesy of The Debrief

Comment and add the links to your favourite breakfast recipes! 

20 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is an important aspect of our mental health and personal growth. There are situations or times when we lack a positive self image and struggle to see our strengths, here are my favourite ways for giving myself a positive confidence boost!

  1. Acknowledge your strengths !
  2. Accept compliments.
  3. Celebrate even the smallest accomplishments.
  4. Dress for success – take pride in your image and take time to put effort into yourself.
  5. Exercise– working out is great for letting off steam, and shifting the focus off negative energy plus you will feel great after!
  6. Treat yourself !
  7. Don’t make your problems the focus of conversation.
  8. Have alone time  – get to know yourself
  9. Change small habits slowly – outgrow your weaknesses.
  10. Record all that you are grateful for.
  11. Do something for the first time.
  12. Invest in your weakness, practice and prepare around areas that you are weak in  – knowledge is power!
  13. Acknowledge what makes you feel nourished and make sure you make time in your life to include those things.
  14. Don’t be hard on yourself – just because you don’t succeed in a situation doesn’t mean you gain nothing from it.
  15. Make sure your environment is free from anyone who puts you down or makes you feel small.
  16. Forget stereotypes – don’t restrict yourself to conform to a particular image or behaviour, if it isn’t you don’t force it embrace your originality!
  17. It’s ok to say no, you don’t need to please everyone at the expense of your own happiness.
  18. Stay realistic – someone’s opinion or view of you doesn’t have to be your reality.
  19. Respect yourself – the way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.
  20. Pump up your spirits – whether it’s listening to your favourite song, jumping on a trampoline or playing with your pets, take time to do something that makes your spirits soar.

Haul: Skincare

Love to try new skin care and wanted to share some of my favourites at the moment that I will be re- purchasing!

Clinique – Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturizer

This cream I wanted to try after seeing an episode of Dr Oz where they tested popular skin creams that claimed to be great for aging skin and this cream came out number one due to the level of antioxidants in it. I decided to buy and try. A little goes a long way with this cream and your skin soaks it right up. I have been using it for a 3 months and it definently has given my skin lines a reduction. I use it twice a day along with my normal moisturizer.

Sukin – Mattifying Facial Moisturiser 

I have oily skin and need a day moisturizer that will keep my shine in check and provide my skin with hydration at the same time. Well this cream does just that, it is highly absorbing and is definently mattifying, additionally paraben free with all natural ingredients. (Australian made and owned too!!)

NIP + FAB Exfoliate – Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

These are exfoliating pads that retexture and brighten skin. I have been using these after I cleanse my skin and before I moisturizer. My skin took awhile to get used to this, at first my skin was all tingly and slightly pink but as I continued to use it the next morning my skin is smooth and bright! I think you need to consistently use this product to see results.

Swisse – Cranberry Antioxidant Facial Oil 

I normally use Rosehip oil on my face at night and around my eyes and lashes as I have oily skin but decided to try this oil for a change. So far it has been fantastic especially for the eye area my lashes have grown and improved in fullness and my skin feels and looks fresh and hydrated. Despite having oily skin this oil doesn’t make my skin oily just hydrated!

Swisse – Moringa Cleansing Oil

This I can across randomly when I was at my local chemist and I haven’t looked back. I can’t talk this product up enough! This oil gets everything off your skin without stripping it and restores moisture! Best find ever and is my holy grail cleansing oil! All you oily skin ladies out there don’t even afraid to use oils on your skin!

Stay creative with these…..

We are surrounded by so many sources of creative inspiration on a daily basis so next time you are lacking creative motivation and inspiration try some of these to awaken your creative buzz!

  • Be a kid again – cartoons, Lego, board games
  • Films – old, new, foreign
  • Music – instrumental, different genres
  • Art – street art, installations
  • Nature – hike, swim, swing
  • Read – biographies, articles, tutorials
  • Food – new cuisines, exotic ingredients
  • Social – network in new industries, compliment strangers
  • Business – collaborate with new businesses, study successful businesses
  • Money – recycle rather than throw away, invest in creative projects
  • Words – learn a new language, read a page of the dictionary, quotes
  • Document – scrapbook, mind map, journal
  • Environment – change routine and your working space
  • Fashion – wear a completely new style and trend, donate over worn clothes
  • Senses – wear new perfumes, surround yourself with new textures and colours
  • Technology- find inspo from online blogs, artists, social media
  • Skills – use your skills for a new purpose, expand your skills (if you can paint learn another artistic skill)
  • Animals – volunteer to look after animals small, big and unusual breeds, animals can be a great source of entertainment and inspiration
  • Move – trampolining, dance, yoga
  • Shopping – antiques, second hand stores, quirky stores

What are some sources of creative inspiration that you have?


My Top 5 Fitness Apps

Sometimes I don’t have time to make the gym so I pick a slot during the morning or evening and use some of these apps for workouts!

The great thing about fitness apps is the convenience to use it anywhere anytime! Here are my top 5 favourites:

Nike Training : This is an awesome app which provides you a library of workouts based on your fitness level and what you want out of the workout (e.g. Strength training , lose weight etc) It has great visuals and video to accompany each workout and advises calories burnt. You can add workouts to your favourites for easy access.

Burn: This is my go to app for HIIT workouts. It’s got a great library with a variety of lengths. It has both free and paid content. There are kick boxing and dance workouts too which is an added bonus. The HIIT workouts are challenging and great for your endurance.

Training with Tanya: This app is great if you want an app to give you a program and set it up for the week so all you need to do is click on the workout and off you go. You can also go and specifically select workouts from the workout library. There is both paid and free content.

Sworkit: This app is great because of the variety in content. You can choose strength, cardio, stretching or yoga. You can also alter the length of the workouts to make them longer or shorter, easy to use and great visuals!

7M Workout: This app is fantastic for it’s library of workouts targeting core, full body, cardio, first timer etc. Added bonus you can customise programs and add exercises you specifically want in your workout, which is great if you want to save and go back to later.

Essential Career Websites To Follow

Sometimes we need some inspiration and motivation for our work and careers, other times we need advice or ideas that are ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to our work, brand, company or the general direction we are heading on the job front. These are my favourite 5 websites I read weekly, I like them for different reasons so check them out and see if you agree!

Daily Guru – 

This website is awesome not just for what it offers career wise. It has three main sections ‘Professional You’, ‘Personal You’ and ‘Emotional You’. Under the ‘Professional You’ it offers an abundance of articles on career, brand, entrepreneurs, personal brand and money! Additionally it offers content on personal growth and healthy / well being. I sign up and receive an email when new content is up. Some of my favourite articles have been ‘Let’s get real about market research’, ‘ A beginners guide to investing’ and ‘How to be an awesome young manager’.

TED Ideas Blog –

This ideas blog is fantastic for when you need some motivation / inspiration. There are different topics like we humans, business and . Some of my favourite articles have been ‘What motivates us at work more than money?’ and ‘Should you call that meeting’. What I love about this site is the variety of topics and original content, not a site with generic information.

The Workher –

This site is targeted for women. It is a very supporting and inspiring space. It offers job tips, inspiration and office tours to name a few. Some of my favourite articles from this site have been ‘Be the CEO of your career’, ‘What to look for in a company’ and ‘How to give your boss tough feedback’. I also like the the ‘How embarrassing’ section where funny work stories are shared which adds humour and recognises the importance of being able to laugh at yourself!

Career Girl Daily –

This site is also targeted at women. They do a lot of interviews with successful business people and their experience with various facets of career life. My favourite articles have been ‘How to handle starting a business while juggling a  full time job’ and ‘How to turn a job rejection into an opportunity’. Also great is the ‘Money Talk’ section that’s full of great financial articles.

Inc –

This site is a fantastic resource not just for career articles but business, finance, personal growth, technology and start up businesses. The site is always very current in global trends and issues. My favourite articles are ‘Setting Goals Isn’t Enough: Setting Daily Intentions Will Change Your Life’, ‘7 Ways Successful Leaders Deal With Chaos and Uncertainty’ and ‘How to Choose the Perfect Business Partner’ (video).


We’ve all had those days where we reach for the concealer for different reasons, sometimes it’s to just brighten the undereyes while other times we need the heavy duty hide everything concealer… Here are my top 5 and what I use them for:

Physicians Formula – Concealer Twins (Green/Light)

These concealer X come with a stick applicator and together provide medium- full converge. I apply them with a wet beauty blender (the mini ones specifically for undereyes). I apply the light shade first then a drop of the green, and dab it on with the blender until smooth. I then set with loose powder ( at the moment using Chi Chi mineral loose powder).

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal (Green)

The ever popular L.A. Girl concealers. I usually reach for this one when I have dark circles under my eyes – consistency is thick and sticky so I only use a little with a damp beauty blender – I have a few of the other colours too but this one is my favourite for dark circles.

NYX Above and Beyond Concealer (Yellow)

This concealer is creamy and buildable. It does come in a tub and one layer gives you a brightening effect which you can build on if you would like full coverage. I apply this one with a damp beauty blender or dab it on using my ring finger.

Essence – Soft Touch Mousse Concealer  (soft beige)

The cheapest and my go to concealer out of the bunch. It has a mousse / cream consistency – medium- full coverage (buildable) , it stays in place all day and doesn’t cause crease lines! I use this to cover both dark circles and to brighten.

Maybelline – Instant Age Rewind Concealer (Fair)

This is my go to for when I don’t wear make up and just want to brighten up under my eyes. It has fairly light coverage which is buildable and  easy to apply using the twist sponge head. It has a slight shine to it and had been a repeat buy of mine.


Let me know your favourites – until next time!

SS x