20 Friend Date Ideas

I love finding new things to do with my friends, whether it’s a whole group of us or just my best friend and I.

Here are twenty awesome friend date ideas to try :

  1. Cooking classes – there are so many various cooking classes, from chocolate making, cake decorating, sushi classes to seafood classes and make your own pasta classes – explore and try something new!
  2. Day road trips – grab a map and take a ride to your local surrounding towns and explore your neighbouring areas. Try the local restaurants, cafes, shop the local stores and markets! You never know what you treasures you will find!
  3. Glam Sessions – lock in a full day of pampering. Massages, facials, nails, hair, make up – the full package. This will give you sufficient catching up time and a confidence boost!
  4. Foreign language movie – pick a movie to see in a foreign language, there are so many great movies in foreign languages and I love to listen and learn new languages and it can offer a great insight into different cultures.
  5. Closet overhaul – spend time cleaning each others closets out and donating to charity. It’s always great to get another person’s perspective and you maybe even able to swap some items in the process!
  6. Take a tour– whether it is a haunted house, local museum, art gallery or famous icon – take time to be a tourist! Don’t forget your camera
  7. Volunteer– many places are looking for volunteers to help out everyday. Local homeless shelters, animal shelters, blood donation banks and charity events all need volunteers to pitch in even if it is a couple of hours of your time. It is both a humbling and bonding experience.
  8. Workout – push each other and challenge yourselves by working out! You can try dance classes, kick boxing, tennis lessons, boot camps the options are endless and plus it’s always an added bonus to have a friend to keep you motivated.
  9. See a show – musicals, theatre , dance – there are many different shows throughout the year, see a show you all wouldn’t normally go and see, you may find a new love you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t gone and tried something new.
  10. Trivia night – grab your group and head over to your local pub for trivia night. Most pubs have themed trivia nights so that could be added fun. Fun bonding night with great pub food!
  11. Join a team sport – could be a sport you have never played or have always wanted to participant in! Basketball, tennis, ice hockey mix it up!
  12. Hold a market stall – get creative and make some money. Set up a stall at your local markets and sell some handmade items (craft, sewing, baking) or sell your second hand items (clothing, decor, accessories)
  13. Rent a hotel room – book a fancy hotel room and spend the day and night getting massages at the hotel spa, order room service, watch movies, hit the hotel bar and unwind!
  14. Picnic at the most iconic landmark in your town – get the cheese and wine out and enjoy!
  15. Gamble (responsibly!!) – try the horse track, sports betting, the casino – give it a go you never know you could win big!
  16. Second Hand / Charity store shopping – you never know what you will find and you will save some serious $$$$.
  17. Camping – get your tent out and venture out into nature! Take photos, make memories and discover new places.
  18. Attend a symphony or opera – no explanation needed – incredible experience for your ears!
  19. Test drive your dream cars – live a little and see your city in fancy wheels.
  20. Attend an improv class – get out of your comfort zone and get creative!

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