Essential Career Websites To Follow

Sometimes we need some inspiration and motivation for our work and careers, other times we need advice or ideas that are ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to our work, brand, company or the general direction we are heading on the job front. These are my favourite 5 websites I read weekly, I like them for different reasons so check them out and see if you agree!

Daily Guru – 

This website is awesome not just for what it offers career wise. It has three main sections ‘Professional You’, ‘Personal You’ and ‘Emotional You’. Under the ‘Professional You’ it offers an abundance of articles on career, brand, entrepreneurs, personal brand and money! Additionally it offers content on personal growth and healthy / well being. I sign up and receive an email when new content is up. Some of my favourite articles have been ‘Let’s get real about market research’, ‘ A beginners guide to investing’ and ‘How to be an awesome young manager’.

TED Ideas Blog –

This ideas blog is fantastic for when you need some motivation / inspiration. There are different topics like we humans, business and . Some of my favourite articles have been ‘What motivates us at work more than money?’ and ‘Should you call that meeting’. What I love about this site is the variety of topics and original content, not a site with generic information.

The Workher –

This site is targeted for women. It is a very supporting and inspiring space. It offers job tips, inspiration and office tours to name a few. Some of my favourite articles from this site have been ‘Be the CEO of your career’, ‘What to look for in a company’ and ‘How to give your boss tough feedback’. I also like the the ‘How embarrassing’ section where funny work stories are shared which adds humour and recognises the importance of being able to laugh at yourself!

Career Girl Daily –

This site is also targeted at women. They do a lot of interviews with successful business people and their experience with various facets of career life. My favourite articles have been ‘How to handle starting a business while juggling a  full time job’ and ‘How to turn a job rejection into an opportunity’. Also great is the ‘Money Talk’ section that’s full of great financial articles.

Inc –

This site is a fantastic resource not just for career articles but business, finance, personal growth, technology and start up businesses. The site is always very current in global trends and issues. My favourite articles are ‘Setting Goals Isn’t Enough: Setting Daily Intentions Will Change Your Life’, ‘7 Ways Successful Leaders Deal With Chaos and Uncertainty’ and ‘How to Choose the Perfect Business Partner’ (video).



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