My Top 5 Fitness Apps

Sometimes I don’t have time to make the gym so I pick a slot during the morning or evening and use some of these apps for workouts!

The great thing about fitness apps is the convenience to use it anywhere anytime! Here are my top 5 favourites:

Nike Training : This is an awesome app which provides you a library of workouts based on your fitness level and what you want out of the workout (e.g. Strength training , lose weight etc) It has great visuals and video to accompany each workout and advises calories burnt. You can add workouts to your favourites for easy access.

Burn: This is my go to app for HIIT workouts. It’s got a great library with a variety of lengths. It has both free and paid content. There are kick boxing and dance workouts too which is an added bonus. The HIIT workouts are challenging and great for your endurance.

Training with Tanya: This app is great if you want an app to give you a program and set it up for the week so all you need to do is click on the workout and off you go. You can also go and specifically select workouts from the workout library. There is both paid and free content.

Sworkit: This app is great because of the variety in content. You can choose strength, cardio, stretching or yoga. You can also alter the length of the workouts to make them longer or shorter, easy to use and great visuals!

7M Workout: This app is fantastic for it’s library of workouts targeting core, full body, cardio, first timer etc. Added bonus you can customise programs and add exercises you specifically want in your workout, which is great if you want to save and go back to later.


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