Stay creative with these…..

We are surrounded by so many sources of creative inspiration on a daily basis so next time you are lacking creative motivation and inspiration try some of these to awaken your creative buzz!

  • Be a kid again – cartoons, Lego, board games
  • Films – old, new, foreign
  • Music – instrumental, different genres
  • Art – street art, installations
  • Nature – hike, swim, swing
  • Read – biographies, articles, tutorials
  • Food – new cuisines, exotic ingredients
  • Social – network in new industries, compliment strangers
  • Business – collaborate with new businesses, study successful businesses
  • Money – recycle rather than throw away, invest in creative projects
  • Words – learn a new language, read a page of the dictionary, quotes
  • Document – scrapbook, mind map, journal
  • Environment – change routine and your working space
  • Fashion – wear a completely new style and trend, donate over worn clothes
  • Senses – wear new perfumes, surround yourself with new textures and colours
  • Technology- find inspo from online blogs, artists, social media
  • Skills – use your skills for a new purpose, expand your skills (if you can paint learn another artistic skill)
  • Animals – volunteer to look after animals small, big and unusual breeds, animals can be a great source of entertainment and inspiration
  • Move – trampolining, dance, yoga
  • Shopping – antiques, second hand stores, quirky stores

What are some sources of creative inspiration that you have?



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