What To Give To The Makeup Obssessed…..

Hello beauties! I’ve put together a gift guide for those of you who understand the awesomeness that is makeup and have friends, family, co-workers etc who share the same obsession. Here are some pretty amazing gift ideas: 

New to makeup: This beauty has just started out and is slowly learning the tips and tricks – doesn’t go full glam just yet but loves to try new products….

Lancôme CC Cream

Zoeva Face Set brushes

Hourglass Liquid Lipstick

Creative and daring:This beauty is always up to try the craziest trends, shades and looks and absolutely pulls it off. Isn’t afraid to try ‘out there’ looks.

Urban Decay Vice 4

Model Rock Lashes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss

Eyebrow game strong: This beauty is all about them brows! Has perfect brows at all hours of the day, even if they haven’t slept or showered in 3 days, been on an all night bender and need some serious TLC their eyebrows remain immaculate.

Anastasia Beveryl Hills Express for Brows and Eyes

Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow & Hair Powder

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

Dramatic diva:This diva always has some sort of makeup emergency or drama. Eyeliner is uneven, over contoured the face, over bronzed the face, lashes won’t stick …. It’s never ending!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Kit

Nars Survival Kit

Mireness Fast Fix Instant Lash Transplant Lengthening

The professional:This beauty knows what she is doing. She is either a makeup artist or should be. Technique is perfect and face is beat to perfection. 

Sephora Metal Case

Smashbox Masterclass Palette

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

The hoarder:This beauty has every product under the sun, every palette, foundation, lipstick, primer, eyeliner, bronzer, highlighter available and they just don’t stop buying!

Makeup Storage Drawers

Urban Decay Revolution Lip Vault

NARSissist Cheek Studio Palette

The big spender:This beauty has expensive taste and her face is worth like 4 million dollars. Only the best of the best for her and she is happy to spend big on all her products. 

Bobbi Brown Highlighter Powder

By Terry Eye Designer Palette

Artis Brush Set

Hope this has given you a few ideas for your next gift to a fellow beauty X 
Until next time 



Beauty Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Beauties! Today I’m going to answer some frequently asked beauty questions I have heard from my girlfriends, the beauty community, coworkers and social media! 

Does laser hair removal work and how much does it hurt?

Yes laser hair removal does work after about 3-4 treatments I found I didn’t need to come back monthly and instead quarterly to get lasered. The pain varies depending on the area being lasered and I found the more I went the less painful it became (even the sensitive areas of the body!). 

I find the underarms not painful at all and just a warm sensation while the bikini area felt like little hot quick pinches. The results are pretty amazing and so much less maintenance than shaving. Laser has become more cheaper than when it first hit the market so it’s affordable and not so much a luxury item.

How do you make your fake tan last? 

Firstly after a shower I don’t moisturise my skin. I let myself dry and then I put a coat of the tan on and leave for 15mins then apply another if need be. I then leave it on for an hour to dry as much as possible and then I go to bed. I wash it off it the morning just a light rinse and moisture my skin the the morning. I find the mousse tans are the easiest to apply and have the  best results.

What happens if I don’t prime my face, is it really a crime?

This depends on your skin type, the type of foundation you are using and the type of primer. For example I have oily skin and found that some of the thicker long lasting foundations stay on longer and transfer less when I don’t have primer on. While foundations thinner in consistency to last longer on my face when I do have a primer base and my lines don’t show as much as well. 

There are so many primers out there that offer different things that it’s about finding one that works with your skin type and foundation. Also moisturising your skin prior to anything is so important ( even for us oily skinned ladies!) in ensuring a great base for your makeup. Quick tip: egg white masks are amazing for tightening skin and pores and giving a smooth skin surface – all you need to do is literally rub egg whites on your face and rinse off when dry. 

Best way to set makeup? 

A routine that has worked for me is once I have my foundation on and concealer on and have set my face with powder, instead of spraying a setting spray on I spray it on my damp beauty blender instead and dab it on the areas where makeup tends to more or transfer the most – like the T- zone. 

I hate the waiting time it takes for lashes to dry – what’s a way to quicken the process?

Cold temperatures makes lash glue more tacky quickly! On mornings where I am time poor and rushing I will put glue on the lash and literally stick my hand in the back of the freezer where the coldest air is coming through for like 30 secs and the glue is ready to stick ….. This is a tip I learnt from my girlfriend and it works for me!

I dye my hair regularly, how can I keep it healthy as possible? 

Regular trims, brushing with wide tooth combs and air drying all work to help the health of your hair. Obviously air drying isn’t always convienient but you should only be washing your hair twice a week (so as not to strip it off its natural oils) so if it is washed twice a week try and do it at a time when you can air dry it. While it’s air drying put an oil serum on the ends and brush it. Also invest in a expensive intensive conditioner/ treatment  – I’ve used both expensive and cheap treatment conditioners and the more expensive ones are so worth it – the strength and texture of the hair dramatically changes and improves the hair so it is worth the extra dollars. Finally take hair, skin and nails vitamins daily, your hair grows faster and less breakage! 

Is ‘baking’ really worth the time?

Short answer – yes! If you want a more polished professional finish then bake away! I bake after I put my foundation on and concealed under my eyes. I then take a wide brush with a flat head and dip it into a translucent or micro mineral powder and dab the powder under my eyes between my eyebrows and forehead, and chin. If I have time I dab a matt bronzer under my cheekbones and around the edge of my forehead and side of face to contour I then leave on for a few minutes or longer then brush it all off with a big fluff powder brush. Ta-Daaaa flawless finish. 

I wear makeup everyday the full deal, foundation, contouring, lashes, eyebrows everything! How do I make sure I keep my skin healthy while doing this?

Cleaning and moisturising your skin is the answer. I don’t have sensitive skin myself but I found that because I do where make up everyday I am stripping my skin clean every night and that can take a toll and the skin can get dehydrated, breakout or just irritated.

 To solve this I started removing my make up with make up remover wipes just as much as I could, nothing aggressive. Then I used an oil cleanser on a damp cotton pad to remove all eye makeup and then rubbed my whole face with some oil cleanser at the end before wiping it all off with a wet wipe face wipe. I then use a natural face cleaners (many brands out there) and give the whole face a final wash, dry it and then put on a heavy moisturiser (at night) followed by Craberry or Rosehip oil on the eyes and lashes. Never sleep with make up! In the mornings I use toner after just washing face with water nothing else and then use a light moisturiser before priming for makeup. 

It is essential you give your skin a period of time to be clean, breathe and moisturised (this being at night). Also water water water! Your skin becomes what it is from within so if you aren’t looking after your insides then it will show on the outside. Water flushes out impurities as well so drink as much water as possible! 

Hope this has been helpful and would love to know your tips or different advice to the questions above!

Until next time xx

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Products Worth Their Hype

With the number of make up and beauty products out there it is hard to filter out the best of the best and what is worth investing big bucks into. I have had some trial and error with some products where there was so much media and attention about them and when I finally got my hands on them it was a bitter disappointment and then other times I have been overwhelmed with how amazing some products turned out to be true to all their hype. 
Here are my current tried, tested and LOVED products worth getting:

Marc Jacobs – Re(Marc)able Foundation

Where do I begin with this foundation!! This foundation is light yet full coverage, two small drops covered half my face!  It has fantastic shades and it literally feels like putting on new skin! It is pricey but this bottle will last you a very long time. I have oily skin but I think this would suit anyone with normal and combination skin as well. If you have dry skin you would have to use a great moisturizer and hydrating primer before this foundation.

Chi Chi – Real Minerals loose powder

This powder is brilliant for two reasons, one – excellent setting and baking consistency. I bought the lightest shade and was using it to bake and set my concealer and it stays all day. Secondly this powder gives amazing coverage not too heavy and ‘powdery’ but still gives a overall flawless finish! Also you get quite a lot of product and it affordable too.

OGX – E Penetrating Oil

This is a lifesaver and a must have for all hair types. It isn’t oily at all and your hair absorbs it right away. I have oily hair myself and use this on the ends to give moisture, stop split ends and strengthen. It smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling really healthy! 

NYX – Lingerie (shade – lace detail)

This is a fantastic matte liquid lipstick. It isn’t drying, colour is pigmented and lasts hours! I have been through many matte liquid lipsticks and haven’t liked the drying effect or the way the colour comes out on your lips – this liquid lipstick tackles both those issues plus they have such an amazing nude range! 

Nude by Nature – Mineral Eye Primer 

This primer sets everything! Whatever you are gonna put on your eyes – shadow, eyeliner , false lashes – it holds everything all day. It is gentle on the eye and a little goes a long way so you don’t have to repurchase this too offer ! Amazing product and a holy grail primer for me.

Rimmel – Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

This is such an awesome gel liner. The gel is super pigmented, thick and doesn’t budge! The added bonus is you get a little applicator brush which is part of the lid. I haven’t used the brush because I like to use a specific eyeliner brush which is super fine but I thought that it was clever packaging especially if you are on the go and need to apply it! Also this is really affordable and give a great finish.

Here is a look I created using these products :

Until next time lovelies xx


Weekend Shenanigans

Some weekends are so busy you don’t get a moment to yourself. Then there are the weekends where you are completely free to do as you please, and in those moments when you are stuck for what to do here’s some of my favourite suggestions to make your weekend memorable:

Upskill – explore your local community colleges and education centres in a field that you are interested in and take a class!

Rent a house – on your local coastline or mountain range for the weekend. Enjoy a change of scenery and explore the local hotspots.

Makeover – whether it’s a haircut, new hair colour, new wardrobe or a new tattoo make time to make a exciting change!

Go camping – get back to nature and enjoy a night under the stars.

Be a kid again – if you have a friend or family member with little ones offer to babysit for a day or night to give them time to themselves!

Host a themed dinner party – masquerade, African Safari , particular movie themed , or a 80s themed dinner party are some suggestions. Be as specific and creative as you like.

Surprise – organise a surprise for someone you love, could be tickets to a show they want to see, a shopping trip or romantic night away!

Late Sunday breakfast in bed – not very often we get a moment to laze around and indulge in a special breakfast. Think waffles, French toast, eggs benedict to name a few….enjoy with your favourite book or magazine…

Make a start – whatever project you have been holding off doing like writing a book, painting, learning to cook … Make a start and take the first steps!

Market start – set up your own stall at the local markets and sell your crafts or items you no longer need and make some extra money!

Volunteer – your time to local animal shelters and homeless shelters. Many non for profit organisations have many areas for volunteers to contribute. If you have a cause or charity that supports something you are passionate about look up their volunteering options!

Family day – organise an outing or activity with your family, a picnic, board game night whatever it maybe – for those not able to make it or who live overseas include them via Skype call or FaceTime session!

Join a film or book club – great way of meeting new people and be part of something fun!

Visit your local theme park – get your adrenaline pumping and take the scariest rides you dare!

Sports events – see how the professionals do it and get into some team spirit! Whether it’s your favourite team or a new sport you would like to see get out and see how it’s done!

Let me know if you have any interesting weekend adventures planned ?

Until next time X


 Pinterest Boards To Follow

If you are a little bit of a Pinterest addict like me then you will appreciate the amount of inspiration and resources available on there! From creative prompts, quotes, art, templates, makeup inspo, workouts the list is endless. 

Here are my current favourites to follow on Pinterest and why:

Full of vision boards to motivate and inspire! Personal growth, self love and blogging are some of the board topics!

Healthy food, raw desserts, brilliant quotes, and education are my favourite boards. All about living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle very inspirational.

All things wedding – styling, flowers, cakes it’s such a beautiful selection of pins and boards!

Mindfulness, style, words, design and blogging are some of my favourite boards here. So many great boards hard to choose favourites! 

Amazing hair, beauty, event, blogging inspiration. Plus mind, body and soul and a lot of eye candy! 

Amazing source for design, journaling, photography…. The list goes on. Love, love, LOVE this Pinterest account! 

I go here for style inspo, podcasts, book recommendations and office decor inspo! Beautiful collection of lifestyle boards.

Digital age, girl boss, words to live by, and moments in time are some of my favourite boards here. An awesome resource for blogging too!

All things blogging divided by different boards – grow your blog, photography, writing etc… 

Great source of pop culture inspo from makeup, fashion, music, prints to fashion icons and actresses. Love this!
What are your favourite Pinterest accounts/ boards??

Until next time X


The Essentials To Being A Great Influencer

Everyday we have interactions where we aim to influence a situation or person in some way. It could be a big formal discussion you are having with your business partner or client or it could be many informal interactions throughout the day like influencing your group of friends to do last minute drinks that night, influencing your sibling to let you borrow their car …. 

Having strong influencing skills can impact many aspects of your life both professional and personal. 

Below are my most important tips and exercises for improving your skills and becoming a great influencer:

Have strong interpersonal skills. Being an active listener, being approachable, communicating clearly with a variety of people and having warm energy + confident body language are all powerful interpersonal skills to have that will leave people wanting to come back and engage with you. 

Prepare and use your knowledge + leverage your tools. Know the outcome you want and know your audience. Any knowledge you have of your audience and utilising the tools you have around you to your advantage can get you that one step further. Do your research and remain open minded to how and what situations you can use certain tools to influence. 

Be adaptive and flexible. Influencing is about give and take, you cannot expect to get your outcome without contributing in some way. Being prepared for any changes or the unexpected will give you an advantage the other party may not have. 

Passion and honesty. Share the negatives and positives of your message. By communicating your passion with honesty you can leave an empowering impression and message. Think back to all the people who have left a positive impression on you, they most likely were very passionate and honest with their message – how can you make the same powerful presence with yours?

Persistence and patience. You may not always get the outcome you want at the very time you want it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the outcome you want at all. By being flexible with your plan you can try again using other angles or vices to get you to where you want. Stay focussed and patient. Do not let any delays shift you away from your goal. If it didn’t happen that one time doesn’t mean it’s a no forever.

Engage and leave an impression. Network to build strong positive authentic connections. This is vital to becoming a long lasting influencer. Always aim to leave each interaction with the best impression of you possible regardless of who or what the situation is. Show genuine interest in others and what they have going on. Reciprocate compliments, advice, help and feedback.

What are some of your most important influencing tips and advice? 

Facial Oils Cheat Sheet

Regardless of your skin type essential oils are fantastic for your skin. There are a variety of oils out there with different benefits and incorporating it into your skin care regime will reap many benefits. I have oily skin myself, and was a little hesitant as I didn’t want my already oil canvas to be even more so! But I am so glad I gave it a chance because it has been such a great change for my skin.

I use Rosehip oil and Cranberry oil as a moisturizer at night and it has decreased the lines around my eyes, made my lashes longer and my skin supple without being greasy. You will be surprised at how many different oils are out there that can help with different skin issues.

I’ve created a quick cheat sheet for facial oils according to skin type – download it ⇒ Oils


Twenty Ways To Switch Off

  • Swim in a nature body of water
  • Go star gazing
  • Have a bath with candles
  • Buys some flowers for someone for no reason
  • Eat a meal in silence
  • Take a month off your biggest vice 
  • Power nap
  • Grow a plant 
  • Listen to inspirational/motivational talks
  • Meditate 
  • Get massages 
  • Declutter your environment
  • Spend a night sleeping outdoors
  • Have regular stretching sessions
  • Spend a day alone
  • Live with less – give away unnecessary items
  • Take a walk somewhere new 
  • Create a mood board 
  • Wear an outfit completely based on comfort and not trend/style
  • Have a no electricity night