Winter To Do List


Mid winter here in Sydney so I compiled a winter to do list to make it an eventful season:

  •  Create your own signature tea concoctions! (visit your local loose leaf store and mix it up, my favourite is )
  • Learn a new indoor hobby – knitting, make short films, paint, photography ( is a great resource)…..
  • Try a new baking venture – pies, soufflés, pastries, biscotti, brioche….
  • Host a movie marathon – pick a genre (80’s , romance, sci-fi, Brad Pitt, vampires)
  • Upgrade your PJ wardrobe – over the knee socks, onesies, fluffy robes (Love this robe)….
  • Redecorate – try new winter colours and textures, rugs, cushions, new chairs (room inspo)…
  • Complete a reading challenge – a few I like – one, two, and three
  • Get moving with this indoor workout 
  • Mail a letter or care package to someone in need of a pick me up, or some you miss!
  • Pamper yourself – face masks, manicure, massage, pedicure, hair mask …..

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