The Essentials To Being A Great Influencer

Everyday we have interactions where we aim to influence a situation or person in some way. It could be a big formal discussion you are having with your business partner or client or it could be many informal interactions throughout the day like influencing your group of friends to do last minute drinks that night, influencing your sibling to let you borrow their car …. 

Having strong influencing skills can impact many aspects of your life both professional and personal. 

Below are my most important tips and exercises for improving your skills and becoming a great influencer:

Have strong interpersonal skills. Being an active listener, being approachable, communicating clearly with a variety of people and having warm energy + confident body language are all powerful interpersonal skills to have that will leave people wanting to come back and engage with you. 

Prepare and use your knowledge + leverage your tools. Know the outcome you want and know your audience. Any knowledge you have of your audience and utilising the tools you have around you to your advantage can get you that one step further. Do your research and remain open minded to how and what situations you can use certain tools to influence. 

Be adaptive and flexible. Influencing is about give and take, you cannot expect to get your outcome without contributing in some way. Being prepared for any changes or the unexpected will give you an advantage the other party may not have. 

Passion and honesty. Share the negatives and positives of your message. By communicating your passion with honesty you can leave an empowering impression and message. Think back to all the people who have left a positive impression on you, they most likely were very passionate and honest with their message – how can you make the same powerful presence with yours?

Persistence and patience. You may not always get the outcome you want at the very time you want it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get the outcome you want at all. By being flexible with your plan you can try again using other angles or vices to get you to where you want. Stay focussed and patient. Do not let any delays shift you away from your goal. If it didn’t happen that one time doesn’t mean it’s a no forever.

Engage and leave an impression. Network to build strong positive authentic connections. This is vital to becoming a long lasting influencer. Always aim to leave each interaction with the best impression of you possible regardless of who or what the situation is. Show genuine interest in others and what they have going on. Reciprocate compliments, advice, help and feedback.

What are some of your most important influencing tips and advice? 


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