Weekend Shenanigans

Some weekends are so busy you don’t get a moment to yourself. Then there are the weekends where you are completely free to do as you please, and in those moments when you are stuck for what to do here’s some of my favourite suggestions to make your weekend memorable:

Upskill – explore your local community colleges and education centres in a field that you are interested in and take a class!

Rent a house – on your local coastline or mountain range for the weekend. Enjoy a change of scenery and explore the local hotspots.

Makeover – whether it’s a haircut, new hair colour, new wardrobe or a new tattoo make time to make a exciting change!

Go camping – get back to nature and enjoy a night under the stars.

Be a kid again – if you have a friend or family member with little ones offer to babysit for a day or night to give them time to themselves!

Host a themed dinner party – masquerade, African Safari , particular movie themed , or a 80s themed dinner party are some suggestions. Be as specific and creative as you like.

Surprise – organise a surprise for someone you love, could be tickets to a show they want to see, a shopping trip or romantic night away!

Late Sunday breakfast in bed – not very often we get a moment to laze around and indulge in a special breakfast. Think waffles, French toast, eggs benedict to name a few….enjoy with your favourite book or magazine…

Make a start – whatever project you have been holding off doing like writing a book, painting, learning to cook … Make a start and take the first steps!

Market start – set up your own stall at the local markets and sell your crafts or items you no longer need and make some extra money!

Volunteer – your time to local animal shelters and homeless shelters. Many non for profit organisations have many areas for volunteers to contribute. If you have a cause or charity that supports something you are passionate about look up their volunteering options!

Family day – organise an outing or activity with your family, a picnic, board game night whatever it maybe – for those not able to make it or who live overseas include them via Skype call or FaceTime session!

Join a film or book club – great way of meeting new people and be part of something fun!

Visit your local theme park – get your adrenaline pumping and take the scariest rides you dare!

Sports events – see how the professionals do it and get into some team spirit! Whether it’s your favourite team or a new sport you would like to see get out and see how it’s done!

Let me know if you have any interesting weekend adventures planned ?

Until next time X



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