Beauty Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Beauties! Today I’m going to answer some frequently asked beauty questions I have heard from my girlfriends, the beauty community, coworkers and social media! 

Does laser hair removal work and how much does it hurt?

Yes laser hair removal does work after about 3-4 treatments I found I didn’t need to come back monthly and instead quarterly to get lasered. The pain varies depending on the area being lasered and I found the more I went the less painful it became (even the sensitive areas of the body!). 

I find the underarms not painful at all and just a warm sensation while the bikini area felt like little hot quick pinches. The results are pretty amazing and so much less maintenance than shaving. Laser has become more cheaper than when it first hit the market so it’s affordable and not so much a luxury item.

How do you make your fake tan last? 

Firstly after a shower I don’t moisturise my skin. I let myself dry and then I put a coat of the tan on and leave for 15mins then apply another if need be. I then leave it on for an hour to dry as much as possible and then I go to bed. I wash it off it the morning just a light rinse and moisture my skin the the morning. I find the mousse tans are the easiest to apply and have the  best results.

What happens if I don’t prime my face, is it really a crime?

This depends on your skin type, the type of foundation you are using and the type of primer. For example I have oily skin and found that some of the thicker long lasting foundations stay on longer and transfer less when I don’t have primer on. While foundations thinner in consistency to last longer on my face when I do have a primer base and my lines don’t show as much as well. 

There are so many primers out there that offer different things that it’s about finding one that works with your skin type and foundation. Also moisturising your skin prior to anything is so important ( even for us oily skinned ladies!) in ensuring a great base for your makeup. Quick tip: egg white masks are amazing for tightening skin and pores and giving a smooth skin surface – all you need to do is literally rub egg whites on your face and rinse off when dry. 

Best way to set makeup? 

A routine that has worked for me is once I have my foundation on and concealer on and have set my face with powder, instead of spraying a setting spray on I spray it on my damp beauty blender instead and dab it on the areas where makeup tends to more or transfer the most – like the T- zone. 

I hate the waiting time it takes for lashes to dry – what’s a way to quicken the process?

Cold temperatures makes lash glue more tacky quickly! On mornings where I am time poor and rushing I will put glue on the lash and literally stick my hand in the back of the freezer where the coldest air is coming through for like 30 secs and the glue is ready to stick ….. This is a tip I learnt from my girlfriend and it works for me!

I dye my hair regularly, how can I keep it healthy as possible? 

Regular trims, brushing with wide tooth combs and air drying all work to help the health of your hair. Obviously air drying isn’t always convienient but you should only be washing your hair twice a week (so as not to strip it off its natural oils) so if it is washed twice a week try and do it at a time when you can air dry it. While it’s air drying put an oil serum on the ends and brush it. Also invest in a expensive intensive conditioner/ treatment  – I’ve used both expensive and cheap treatment conditioners and the more expensive ones are so worth it – the strength and texture of the hair dramatically changes and improves the hair so it is worth the extra dollars. Finally take hair, skin and nails vitamins daily, your hair grows faster and less breakage! 

Is ‘baking’ really worth the time?

Short answer – yes! If you want a more polished professional finish then bake away! I bake after I put my foundation on and concealed under my eyes. I then take a wide brush with a flat head and dip it into a translucent or micro mineral powder and dab the powder under my eyes between my eyebrows and forehead, and chin. If I have time I dab a matt bronzer under my cheekbones and around the edge of my forehead and side of face to contour I then leave on for a few minutes or longer then brush it all off with a big fluff powder brush. Ta-Daaaa flawless finish. 

I wear makeup everyday the full deal, foundation, contouring, lashes, eyebrows everything! How do I make sure I keep my skin healthy while doing this?

Cleaning and moisturising your skin is the answer. I don’t have sensitive skin myself but I found that because I do where make up everyday I am stripping my skin clean every night and that can take a toll and the skin can get dehydrated, breakout or just irritated.

 To solve this I started removing my make up with make up remover wipes just as much as I could, nothing aggressive. Then I used an oil cleanser on a damp cotton pad to remove all eye makeup and then rubbed my whole face with some oil cleanser at the end before wiping it all off with a wet wipe face wipe. I then use a natural face cleaners (many brands out there) and give the whole face a final wash, dry it and then put on a heavy moisturiser (at night) followed by Craberry or Rosehip oil on the eyes and lashes. Never sleep with make up! In the mornings I use toner after just washing face with water nothing else and then use a light moisturiser before priming for makeup. 

It is essential you give your skin a period of time to be clean, breathe and moisturised (this being at night). Also water water water! Your skin becomes what it is from within so if you aren’t looking after your insides then it will show on the outside. Water flushes out impurities as well so drink as much water as possible! 

Hope this has been helpful and would love to know your tips or different advice to the questions above!

Until next time xx

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