What Your Handbag Content Says About You!

Hi Beauties!

Recently a girlfriend and I compare our handbag content and it was an interesting insight! I wanted to share mine with you all.

 I find you can tell a lot about someone and what is important to them by what’s in their handbag. My girlfriend had majority work related items in there and barely any personal use items at all and it rang true as she is a big workaholic! Another friend of mine has her handbag filled with vitamins and protein bars etc she is very health conscious and her bag reflected that. After looking at mine I think it shows I need a lot of items that can take me from day to night which is true as my plans tend to change a lot!

A few years ago I used to have a much larger handbag and used to carry a lot of unnecessary items! I then ditched the big oversized bags and now carry smaller shoulder bags which I have decluttered to only have the essentials inside ! 

Here are the essentials items I have inside always:

Wallet / coin purse: I tend to use larger coin purses as wallets and I don’t take all my cards with me just what I need that day. 

Perfume and Deodorant: I have both as I feel they serve two different purposes. Combating sweat and keeping that under control is one thing but I also want to smell nice in general hence the perfume. This changes depending on what I am doing, I tend to wear different perfumes for fancier occasions!

Planner / diary: I try to keep my planners as small and simple as possible as I don’t want to drag around a big book with me. Sometimes I have to do a planner decluttering as I tend to slip receipts/ notes etc into it and it can get a little crazy…

Comb and hair pins: you never know when you might need to pin your hair up whether it’s to create a more sophisticated hair do or just to get your hair away from your face! Hairbrush is essential on rain and windy days too.

Lip balm and lipstick:  I tend to keep a nude lipstick on me always as that goes with most looks and outfits and if I need lipstick it is there. Lip balm is great for everyday lip moisturiser and primer for lipstick! No one has time for chapped lips….

Concealer : For those times when my eyes need a pick me up and I want to freshen up my face. Especially on days when I haven’t had enough sleep but have important meetings to attend. Additionally great for hiding sneaky pimples that pop up during the day!

Eyeliner: This I have in case I need to change from day to night and don’t have time to go home and do so! Could be a simple winged eyeliner or a dramatic full black liner eyes which you can smoke out for a darker look. Good item to have as it takes up so little space! Just be sure note to mistake it for a pen!

Mirror: I’m not one of those people that can use their camera phone to check their face, I need a mirror and this cute little compact is slim and small great for on the go.

What does your handbag content say about you?

Until next time



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