Anti-Aging Haul

Hi Beauties

About 3 months ago I had an anti-aging haul and have been using the products I bought. I wanted to review them for you, now that I have been using it for all these months! I’m going to start of with my most favourite out of the
four items I got, it is the most expensive out of the lot but it has been the most effective!

Eau Thermale Avene Ystheal



 Don’t ask me what the name means as this is a French product so nearly all the product info on the bottle and packet are not in English. It does say that this cream is eye and lip contour care. So this cream is for lines, I have been using it on my forehead, eyes and anywhere I see lines! A little goes along way with this product. It looks just like any cream when pumped out of the bottle and is absorbed by the skin right away. After 3 months of use I really have seen a reduction in my lines! I wake up feeling smoother and hydrated than before I used this product. Worth every dollar! 

Rodial Glamtox Night


This product has very unique packaging, it appears to be a tub but actually it is a pump. You push the top down and the gel comes to the surface. Product is a yellow gell that is absorbed by the skin and gives an instant quick
fix. This product will not reduce lines long term unless you continue to put it on twice a day. I did notice my lines go away when I did use it though.

Nip+ Fab Skin No Needle Fix Serum


This product plumps and volumizes the skin to banish lines and create smoother looking skin. It has a clear creamy gel that is easy to spread on the face it has a primer consistency to it. Pretty quick reacting with the skin but isn’t something that will keep the skin looking young for long you would need to reapply often to keep the look going.

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinke Fix 


This product is great for oily skin! Before makeup I place small amounts of this all over my face. It has a sticky thick gel consistency and you get quite a lot of product in this tube. A skin refining serum, it helps reduce lines and
wrinkles. This actually not only deminishes my lines but helps keep my makeup in place throughout the day so it is a quick fix for both lines and makeup!

What are some of your go to anti-aging products? Have you tried any of these and what did you think?!

next time xx





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