Shopping Haul!

Hi Beauties 

So this weekend I did a mini budget shopping haul and  wanted to share my finds! 

First I’ll start work Kmart. Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge the wonder that is Kmart! I literally never get bored shopping there! I bought two tops from there and some party supplies.

It is Spring here in Sydney and I also started a new job so I wanted bright flowy tops, I love the teal colour and and the top is so simple and bright for work! The other singlet top I love because of the spring colours and reminds of vacation! 

On Tuesday it is World Cupcake Day so I am organising cupcakes for my office to enjoy and I bought cute little straws, labels and cards from the party supplies so that I can have each cupcake have a little label on it with a personal note for each person in the office!

After Kmart I went and bought some new skin products to try out. First one is a fake tan (Mine Tan Absolute Foam) that was on sale this tan is normally on the pricier side so I never bought it in case I hated it so as it was on half price I thought I would give it a go I will post a review later on :

Next I grabbed a few Rimmel products. The Good To Glow highlighter cream, because when I tested it in store I liked that it felt quite stayworthy (not even a word!) that it didn’t feel like it would slip off as I have oily skin I wanted something that holds on! So fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint:

I also grabbed the BB cream in Matte. It too gave great Matte coverage for a BB cream when I tested it in store so I’m looking forward to trying it:

I also grabbed the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser as I use the toner by the same brand and I love it and I need a mattifying Moisturiser that moisturisers without giving a super shiny face!

Then I got home and saw my order from Book Depository arrived and wanted to share one of the books I purchased. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. This book is great for creatives who want new ways to get their work out there are and stay connected with your audience – can’t wait to read it!

That’s it for me now, hope you have a fantastic start to the week x



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