Gym Beauty Essentials

Hi Beauties 

I’ve short listed the best beauty items to have for all you gym junkies out there. It can be hard finding what works for you when you have a big sweat session so these are the items that have worked for me!

BB or CC creams

There are loads out there, I recommend getting one suitable for your skin type. For example if you have oily skin get the matte BB creams, if you have acne issues grab the CC creams that cover redness and blemishes. What’s great about these is that they are quite light and don’t give you that ‘I’m wearing makeup’ look so it still lets your skin breathe! 

I use the Rimmel Matte BB cream it’s actually quite high coverage for a BB cream but feels quite light! Well done Rimmel!

Blotting paper 

The reason I’m putting this down is for those of you who workout at lunchtime and have to return to work or have somewhere important to go to after the gym. Even if you have a quick shower after the workout our body still continues to excrete sweat after we have stopped working out so the blotting paper is a good way of absorbing any post workout sweat that you may have after showering etc

Dry Shampoo

For obvious reasons…. if you don’t have time to shower it does soak up excess oil / sweat great for a quick pick me up! There are so many varieties the range has grown so much the last couple of years!

Facial Mist

Use this as a refreshing finish after you change and head out. There are some great mists out there full of cucumber, rose, aloe Vera, coconut grab whatever appeals to you and indulge your skin!

Waterproof mascara

I say waterproof because of the sweat and showering unless you are careful and avoid getting your face wet during the shower. Mascara is a subtle touch if you leave a bare face!

Lotion + shimmer

Tinted shimmer lotions or ones you make yourself are awesome for the gym because they give your face and body a natural glow and it’s great for hydrating your skin!

Share your go to gym items in the comments below! 
Until next time xx 



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