2017 Goals + Calendar

Hello Beauties and Happy New Year

We  have 365 new days ahead of us! How will you make them count?

Sometimes it can be hard creating goals that will be achievable and beneficial to us, we tend to make broad statements like ‘I want to eat better food’ ‘I want to have a successful year in my career’ but in order to do any of these we need to break it down into smaller components to achieve the bigger goal.

I have created a one page goal planner (download below), you can print off multiple copies of it and devote a whole page for each goal or use it as a one pager and apply all your goals to the relevant sections. I have used this for many years and it really helped me get where I wanted to be so I hope it is as useful to you!

If you haven’t got yourself a calendar I have created one for you to download as well!

Happy 2017 planning !

Until next time!


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