January is for …. Joy


Hi Beauties

I’m introducing a new segment to my blog it will be a personal development post each month! This month I wanted to discuss personal joy.

Joy for each person will be different as we all find joy in different things. It could be ‘me time’, being creative, working on your fitness/body, getting away for the weekend etc. they can be as big or small as we like them to be!

I find that in order to actually live a fulfilled life I needed to make time for my ‘joy’ items (There could be more than one). I had to learn to incorporate them into my lifestyle. Depending on what it is I allocated time for it each month or week, sometimes I had to switch things around or remove something else in order to fit it in if I was able to plan ahead, other times if I found I had a cancelled appointment or something I would fill that space up with something that I love to do.

My point is it won’t happen unless you make it happen so plan ahead if you can and if you happen to find out today that you have a spare hour tonight or tomorrow fill it with your joy items!

Doing something we enjoy releases endorphins which reduce our stress levels and improve our moods, we then perform better in other aspects of our life because we have these joy outlets!

Below I have listed awesome ways you can fill your joy time with if you don’t have a specific idea of where to start  :

  • Take a bath
  • Skype a friend over wine or food!
  • Pamper yourself
  • Nap
  • Spend time with family you haven’t seen in awhile
  • Create something
  • Write
  • Attend a dance class
  • See a live show
  • Go for a walk in the most green scenery around you!
  • Surprise someone
  • Spend time with your pet
  • Treat yourself and buy something you have had your eye on!
  • Indulge in a comfort food you adore
  • Tell someone you love how you feel or pay then a
  • Learn a new skill
  • Play board games
  • Get lost in a movie
  • Visit a new place
  • Give yourself a makeover
  • Read books you have not had a chance to read

I have heard people say they put other people first so they do not have time for their own personal wants. To that I say by making sure you indulge or relax or enjoy yourself in your own way is as important to you as it is to the ones around you. Our mood improves, we become better people to those around us when we have happy outlets. By giving yourself this time doesn’t mean you are taking away from time from others it means you are looking after your own happiness and mental state in order to be focused, present and positive to those around you – whether that is work, family, friends, neighbours, pets – everyone!

For me it means alone time to do my makeuo, coffee with my fiancé, naps with my cat, baking, watching reality tv shows!

What gives you joy?

Make your time count!

Until next time



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