Makeup Trends for 2017

Hello Beauties!

We all know that trends in beauty change so often! Some stick around for years while others disappear within the month!

Let’s look at what the makeup world have for us this year!

  •  Bold and Graphic Eyeshadow

Think 80’s sharp and bright shadow!

Image source 

  • Bare lashes!

No mascara no lashes (this got me in the heart!) all natural lashes for 2017!

Image source

  • Glitter lips

All things sparkle on the lips – pucker up!

Image source

  • Bare Glow

Think minimal makeup with natural glow! Get the strobes out everyone!

Image Source

  • Smudged and smokey

Think rough smokey edges around the eyes and rough eyeliner !

As always the trends will be interesting and I think challenging to pull off at times!!

Which one of those mentioned do you like the most?

I’m going to love the bold eyeshadow I think it will be fun to play around with this one!

Until next time !

SS xx

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