Say What?! New Product Reviews

Hello Beauties

Hope your weekend is coming along fabulously! Autumn is setting into Sydney so I’m getting used to cooler weather. Had a very productive weekend – did some shopping, went out with my other half for breakfast, got pampered a little, worked on my business and had cuddle sessions with little Mia!

Does anyone have recommendations for great Green Tea – I am obsessed with the stuff and wanted to know if there is a super Green Tea out there I can try?!

Now back to the post – I wanted to share my recent beauty buys and give you my thoughts!

It’s safe to say I have not been disappointed with any of these so I had to do a post and give you details:


Revlon Sculpt and Highlight kit:

Now I love this bad boy for many reasons, the compact comes with four powders – Banana, glow, bronze and Sculpt and the palettes come in two shades light and dark.

What I love about this product is it is pigmented without giving you an unnatural colour so you don’t have to use a lot of the product to get the desired effect and the colours are actually naturally toned!

The actual size of the palette is perfect as it fits in your handbag and you can take it travelling! Perfect for touch ups or even changing from a natural face to a bronzed and
contoured goddess!

Nothing like those moments where you didn’t think you needed to get the glam out then bam you need to go from Plain Jane to Diva real quick! Love Love LOVE this product!


Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray Green Tea 

I actually went off wearing setting sprays for probably a year so this is the first one I’m tried and worn for a while.

What I love about it is you can use this before or after your makeup to help keep it in place.

Does it keep it in place? Absolutely. I have oily skin so it didn’t completely take away all the shine but I did shine less and it 100% made my makeup unbudgable (new word?)

Great for busy days where you aren’t going to get a chance to touch up your face and it also is quite refreshing when you spray it on ( doesn’t affect how my makeup looked either !)


L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover foundation

I feel like I wanna shout from the rooftops about this product, it’s like the L’Oréal angels heard my requests and made it real and that’s why I’m so excited to talk about this product!

Firstly I was a fan and still am of the Infallible Matte range – love it – still wear it – and will continue to BUT as an avid full coverage lover I was over the moon when this came out. Not to mention IT LIVES UP TO THE NAME. Full coverage is what you are going to

As I’ve mentioned I have oily skin and this foundation stayed on longer and stayed less shiny than their Matte foundation! It is so easy to apply, to blend and gives a flawless natural finish. I love that it’s just such no fuss , look fabulous magic in a tube.

Oh and it’s a drug store product!!


L.A Girl Pro Conceal – Highlighter

I have been a long time using of this range of concealers so I went for the highlighter too as the concealer range did not disappoint. 

This highlighter cream is easy to blend and pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot of it to get a highlight. It doesn’t have a colour so isn’t gold or yellow etc the tube looks white but the product is just a highlight cream so it can go with any look and dries quick so it doesn’t  smudge or pass onto clothing etc.

It’s versatile so you can use it on your eyes, body, eyebrows everywhere!


I’m so glad I did this post because I was so excited about finding new great products that I just wanted to tell everybody! Have you guys tried anything recently that made you feel
like that?!

Have a fabulous rest of your week lovelies oh and as promised here are my makeup looks from all of February!


Have a fab week!

SS xx


Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy Friday  Beauties! 

Hope you have had a fabulous week so far, here is this week’s weekly wrap-up:

Comment below your favourite picks from this week’s wrap up! 

Have an amazing weekend x


    Makeup Of The Day

    Hello Beauties 

    I haven’t done a MOTD in awhile so thought it was due time!

    I bought some new makeup products which I will do a post on a makeup haul next week so look out for that! 

    Here is a light smokey look I did for today:

    Products listed below :

    • Revlon Photoready primer
    • L’Oréal Infallible total coverage foundation (I will go into detail in next week’s post about this foundation!)
    • LA Girl concealer in porcelain (current fave concealer)
    • Australis Banana powder (affordable version of banana powder)
    • Revlon Sculpt and Highlight contour kit (this little Palette is a contouring dream come true! Affordable & easy to blend and sculpt – also the pigments are a perfect level of colour without coming out unnatural)
    • Chi Chi Eye extravaganza Palette (such great shades! I showed this Palette off in a previous post from my November Favourites Video click *here* to watch it)
    • Revlon Beyond Natural lashes #91303 (first time wearing these not bad at all I am not going to lie I love my lashes a tiny bit longer but these were easy and natural)

    Look out for next week’s haul post where I share new products have purchased and tried out.

    What have you recently bought and loved?! Let me know in the comments below !

    Until next time xx

    S S 

    Get Your Facts Straight: Primers

    Hi Beauties

    I’m starting a new segment called ‘Get Your Facts Straight’ where I give the must know facts on different topics. This month it’s all things primers!

    I feel like primers are the backbone of our faces and the makeup we apply. Primers can make or break other makeup products! I’ve seen many people throw away foundations because they thought the foundation didn’t last long or look good when in fact they had the wrong primer underneath hence why their foundation didn’t last or not look that great.

    Let me take you through all things primer!

    Why even use it?

    A primer prepares your skin for makeup, just like you wouldn’t paint directly onto a blank bare canvas without priming it first (for all you artists out there!) the same goes for our face. After cleansing and moisturising your face, apply your primer all over – around the nose, chin, cheeks etc. Let it soak in for 5 minutes. Primers give you the best base for makeup you will apply, primers affect how your makeup will look and how long it will last.

    What primer is right for me?

    There are two main types of primers – oil/silicone based or water based. I would recommend owning one of each, reason being the primer you wear should be based on which foundation you are going to use. If your foundation is water based (in the ingredient list of your foundation – if there are words ending in’icone’ or siloxane at the top of the list then the foundation is silicone based if these words are not at the top of the list or at all then the foundation is water based) then use a water based primer and vise versa.

    Important thing to note is to LET THE PRIMER SINK INTO YOUR SKIN COMPLETELY before adding foundation.

    What are the different types of primers?

    Besides being either water or silicone based, primers can come with other added benefits.   Colour correcting, line minimising, oil control, hydrating are the main different ones.

    So if you have aging skin you would pick the line minimising, if you have dry skin then the hydrating one would be for you. I have oily skin so I use the oil control type primers. You are also free to apply more than one primer at at time, do not mix them together but apply them on top of eachother. For example lets say you have some redness and oily skin. You would apply the colour correcting primer (let your skin absorb it completely) then you can apply the oil control primer to your oily areas and let your skin absorb it before applying foundation.

    What are some top rated primers?

    There are so many primers out on the market and the list is growing everyday!

    Below are the most popular budget and lux primers :





    What are your favourite primers? Which have you found disappointing?

    Let me know in the comments below!

    Until next time

    SS XX

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    Weekly Wrap-Up

    Hello Beauties

    Hope your week has been fantastic and you enjoyed Valentine’s Day!

    Here is this week’s wrap-up:

    What are your plans for the weekend ?

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    Stay safe and enjoy!!

    S S xx 

    February is for…. failing! 

    Hello Beauties 

    This month we are delving into the topic of failing and why it’s ok to do so!

    The F word is commonly seen as a negative and sometimes stops people from continuing on or trying again so I wanted to explore reasons why it’s ok to fail and how to deal with it.

    Failure teaches you more than your triumphs do!

    Learning what works and what doesn’t gives you a greater insight than not having given it a go at all and also teaching you how you can be even better than if you succeeded straight away and didn’t know the other side of it all. 

    Failing doesn’t mean you will never succeed it usually leads you to a bigger success than you anticipated!

    Failure makes you braver 

    Once you fail for the first time you will not be so scared to take risks and try new things because failing won’t be as scary as you first thought. Also seeing your own reselience keeps you strong and moving forward , almost even more hungry to get it right !  

    Failure makes you appreciate successes that much more 

    Being able to look back and see how you got over the failures, tried again and reached your goal will make your successes that much sweeter!

    Failure gives our expectations a wake up call

    Sometimes we expect too much or perfection or a certain outcome but failing sometimes gives you that reality check that it may not be a realistic aspiration or to try aiming for a more achievable outcome! 

    Failure can push you to the right direction 

    Sometimes it isn’t until we fail that we see that maybe something isn’t for us or that we are going about it the right way and it pushes us to go a different direction or use a different tactic!

    Quick tips for coping with failing :

    • Don’t take it personally! We all fail at some point and it doesn’t represent your incapablity to achieve something.
    • Learn and adapt!
    • Don’t dwell on it and overthink the failure – put your energy onto your next steps.
    • Change your definition of failure – remove the negative and just accept somethings don’t work exactly how we expect them to! 
    • Before you start know that there is a possibility of failing and accept that!
    • Failure does not mean no. Or you can’t do something or a door is shut!
    • Find a way to turn the failure into a positive for you e.g. ‘So doing this that way isn’t working but I did learn that there is a quicker way of doing this part of the project’
    • Talk about it – failing isn’t a secret and once you share your failures you will see others share their experiences and you will learn new things from theirs like they will from yours!

    Recently I was involved in a branding project and when trying to put together an aspect of it I failed so I decided to scrap the whole thing, start fresh with a new approach. With a new mindset, some research and experimenting I got there in the end ! 

    What was your recent failure and how did you work through it??

    Look forward to hearing from you all x

    S S xx

    V – Day Makeup Inspo

    Hello Beauties!

    How was your weekend ? Mine was average as I was sick so pretty bed bound! 

    I decided to put together some V Day Makeup Inspo for you guys! Not sure what look to go for ? Or want to revamp a current old favourite?

     Here is some eye candy to get your creative minds going :

    Image source

    Image source

    Image source

    Image source

    Image source

    Image source

    Image source 

    Image source

    Hope you have the best Valentines Day!! 

    Don’t have a special someone? In the past i used to give my closest gfs a V Day gift or a few years I actually donated money to animals shelters as a gift on V day! 

    I will be sharing a lot more of the behind the scenes of She Loves Chaos + makeup tutorials + my everyday life on Snapchat feel free to add me : bblondiee87 – I would love to follow you back and get to see your world! 

    Also I have some pretty exciting news to announce in the coming weeks so stay tuned! 

    Until next time x


    Weekly Wrap-Up

    Happy Friday (or Thursday depending on where you are !) Beauties 

    Here is this week’s weekly wrap-up:

    Have a safe weekend !

    Until next time xx 


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    Current Budget Makeup Favourites!!

    Hi Beauties

    Hope you are having a great week!

    So I wanted to share my current go to budget makeup Favourites! These are the ones I reach for and can afford on a regular basis that don’t disappoint. I have days where I don’t want to use my most expensive products on everyday makeup or just plain trying to save money!

    I’ll go through each product and then at the end I created a look using these very products too. 

    Savvy Jumbo Bronzer:

    This bronzer I have in my purse at all times. It’s great as a contour touch up as it has three shades to choose from! It is large and lasts forever – a great buy for $10! 

    Models Prefer Instant Glow:

    This is a summer must have! What I like about this body illuminator is it isn’t sticky once you rub it on your skin, it gives a natural glow and isn’t orangey or too brown so all skin tones can use this to enhance their natural colour or give your fake tan a boost! It washes off so you don’t have to worry about sparkling for days! Awesome find for $10

    Blush OXX

    This I picked up from Kmart, they had a no name makeup section and I found these cute blushes and bought this hot pink one! It actually works really well as a blush as it isn’t too bright and it is workable so you can blend it in nicely plus with its’ compact size you can throw it in your handbag and take it with you with no hassle. This was $2! 

    Australis Cya Later Pores:

    This primer I use when I don’t have a full glam face but am wearing makeup. Great for oily skin and gives me foundation a smooth base to work with! This was $7.95

    NYX Full Coverage Concealer:

    Last but not least! This yellow concealer is my go to when I need to brighten up my under eyes and hide dark circles. The cream is quite thick but a little goes a long way and is easily blendable while still giving coverage! $10 bargain!!

    Here is a look I created using these products:

    What are some of your budget finds that you love to use over and over ? 

    Have you tried any of the above ?

    *Please note prices listed above are in Australian dollars*

    Until next time!

    SS Xx

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    20 Gifts to Give Your Man or Woman this V-Day

    Hello Beauties

    It is that time of year where we celebrate love! 

    It can be hard figuring out what to give your significant other so I’ve compiled some ideas for a range of personality/ relationship types!

    20 Gifts for your man:

    1. Organise a boudoir photo shoot and surprise him with a book of racy photos of you!
    2. Organise an outdoor feast so doesn’t have to be your typical picnic in a park you can pick a significant lookout at your national park or a peaceful secluded spot by the sea for just the two of you 
    3. If you both love food and cooking – do a cooking class together – could be a dessert class, or pizza class etc
    4. Not all Gifts have to be romantic it can be just something they love, you can surprise him with a box full of his fav sports team’s gear, or whatever his interests maybe
    5. Organise a weekend away!
    6. Name a star after him! Book a tour of an observatory and then present him with his star!
    7. Organise a staycation, book a fancy hotel and enjoy spa and champagne together 
    8. Cook him a fancy delicious breakfast in bed
    9. Surprise him with tickets to a sports game or stand up comedian or something he truly enjoys
    10. Deliver personalised chocolate to his work or home 
    11. Candlelit dinner can be outdoors, indoors,rooftop,camping…..
    12. Take dancing lessons and surprise him by giving him a private show!
    13. Blow up the oldest picture of you together when you first met and write about what made you fall in love and about that moment
    14. Organise a caricature of you both together 
    15. Have a trip to the beach at night together
    16. Go to a Local town you’ve never been to and experience the new area together and take a souvenir home
    17. Organise to only give eachother DIY gifts
    18. Organise only to give eachother gifts to do with a particular theme like Star Wars or puns ….
    19. Spend the day at a theme park and win eachother a present / toy
    20. Go mini golfing and the loser has to do whatever the winner wants in bed! 

    20 Gifts for your woman:

    1. Pamper session for you both with massages 
    2. Lingerie and perfumes
    3. Bouquet of flowers and instructions on where to meet you for secluded dinner
    4. Personalised engraved jewerlly 
    5. Your fav picture of her and a letter about why you love that photo and her!
    6. Make a couple video 
    7. Organise to get matching tattoos 
    8. Chocolate fondue night in!
    9. Mountain getaway with a fireplace and wine
    10. Spend the day wearing what you pick for eachother from a thrift shop
    11. Organise a food crawl – appetisers at one place, main at another and dessert at another place!
    12. Give eachother massages
    13. Go to a drive in movie  and enjoy desserts under the stars
    14. Go to a karaoke bar and serenade her with her fav love song
    15. Prepare a three course meal for her and deck the house out in candlelight and roses!
    16. Engraved jewellery! Necklaces, bracelets, rings etc!
    17. Create a video of all your moments together and surprise her!
    18. Get away from the city and camp! Toast marshmallows under the stars
    19. Take a ferry around your city and sightsee!
    20. Surprise her with a bed and breakfast for the night!

    What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

    My fiancé and I are spending the night at our fav restaurant and I have a funny DIY gift I am making him as a surprise !

    Until next time

    SS xx