How To Throw The Ulimate Beauty Party

Hi Beauties 

So beauty parties. When I think of that I think of Avon like parties where they try and sell you stuff. Thankfully a new trend is rising where makeup junkies come together for beauty inspired parties. 

Think good bags, new products, tutorials. Here is my guide on how to throw the ultimate beauty bash! 

Guest list

This has to be your closest makeup junkie friends ofcourse, plus makeup artists, contacts that work for specific brands like Mac that can showcase tips and tricks….

Photo source

Obviously the theme is beauty so items needed for this theme would be lit mirrors, cute stations for makeup and application, selfie booth! Goodie bags filled with new products, new makeup tools, makeup removers, Inspo makeup booklet, etc. Have a lip station, nail station where new shades can be tried and tested. Getting their foundation shade matched.

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Fun cocktails named after famous makeup brands, colours, icons, looks etc makeup themed cookies or cupcakes, finger food, candy 

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Selfie booth, I would have either friends, reps or makeup artists who are really skilled at particular things like eyeliner application, foundation, etc to do quick tutorials for the group. Also having everyone pick out a name and a theme (e.g. Gothic, bronzes goddess, etc) out of a hat and they must do the makeup of that person In that theme. Pass the parcel with makeup products. 

Photo source

Photo source

Have you ever been to one and what was the highlight for you? 

Would you throw one? I love this party concept because you can be as creative with it as you want! 

Until next time 

SS xx


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