20 Gifts to Give Your Man or Woman this V-Day

Hello Beauties

It is that time of year where we celebrate love! 

It can be hard figuring out what to give your significant other so I’ve compiled some ideas for a range of personality/ relationship types!

20 Gifts for your man:

  1. Organise a boudoir photo shoot and surprise him with a book of racy photos of you!
  2. Organise an outdoor feast so doesn’t have to be your typical picnic in a park you can pick a significant lookout at your national park or a peaceful secluded spot by the sea for just the two of you 
  3. If you both love food and cooking – do a cooking class together – could be a dessert class, or pizza class etc
  4. Not all Gifts have to be romantic it can be just something they love, you can surprise him with a box full of his fav sports team’s gear, or whatever his interests maybe
  5. Organise a weekend away!
  6. Name a star after him! Book a tour of an observatory and then present him with his star!
  7. Organise a staycation, book a fancy hotel and enjoy spa and champagne together 
  8. Cook him a fancy delicious breakfast in bed
  9. Surprise him with tickets to a sports game or stand up comedian or something he truly enjoys
  10. Deliver personalised chocolate to his work or home 
  11. Candlelit dinner can be outdoors, indoors,rooftop,camping…..
  12. Take dancing lessons and surprise him by giving him a private show!
  13. Blow up the oldest picture of you together when you first met and write about what made you fall in love and about that moment
  14. Organise a caricature of you both together 
  15. Have a trip to the beach at night together
  16. Go to a Local town you’ve never been to and experience the new area together and take a souvenir home
  17. Organise to only give eachother DIY gifts
  18. Organise only to give eachother gifts to do with a particular theme like Star Wars or puns ….
  19. Spend the day at a theme park and win eachother a present / toy
  20. Go mini golfing and the loser has to do whatever the winner wants in bed! 

20 Gifts for your woman:

  1. Pamper session for you both with massages 
  2. Lingerie and perfumes
  3. Bouquet of flowers and instructions on where to meet you for secluded dinner
  4. Personalised engraved jewerlly 
  5. Your fav picture of her and a letter about why you love that photo and her!
  6. Make a couple video 
  7. Organise to get matching tattoos 
  8. Chocolate fondue night in!
  9. Mountain getaway with a fireplace and wine
  10. Spend the day wearing what you pick for eachother from a thrift shop
  11. Organise a food crawl – appetisers at one place, main at another and dessert at another place!
  12. Give eachother massages
  13. Go to a drive in movie  and enjoy desserts under the stars
  14. Go to a karaoke bar and serenade her with her fav love song
  15. Prepare a three course meal for her and deck the house out in candlelight and roses!
  16. Engraved jewellery! Necklaces, bracelets, rings etc!
  17. Create a video of all your moments together and surprise her!
  18. Get away from the city and camp! Toast marshmallows under the stars
  19. Take a ferry around your city and sightsee!
  20. Surprise her with a bed and breakfast for the night!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

My fiancé and I are spending the night at our fav restaurant and I have a funny DIY gift I am making him as a surprise !

Until next time

SS xx


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