February is for…. failing! 

Hello Beauties 

This month we are delving into the topic of failing and why it’s ok to do so!

The F word is commonly seen as a negative and sometimes stops people from continuing on or trying again so I wanted to explore reasons why it’s ok to fail and how to deal with it.

Failure teaches you more than your triumphs do!

Learning what works and what doesn’t gives you a greater insight than not having given it a go at all and also teaching you how you can be even better than if you succeeded straight away and didn’t know the other side of it all. 

Failing doesn’t mean you will never succeed it usually leads you to a bigger success than you anticipated!

Failure makes you braver 

Once you fail for the first time you will not be so scared to take risks and try new things because failing won’t be as scary as you first thought. Also seeing your own reselience keeps you strong and moving forward , almost even more hungry to get it right !  

Failure makes you appreciate successes that much more 

Being able to look back and see how you got over the failures, tried again and reached your goal will make your successes that much sweeter!

Failure gives our expectations a wake up call

Sometimes we expect too much or perfection or a certain outcome but failing sometimes gives you that reality check that it may not be a realistic aspiration or to try aiming for a more achievable outcome! 

Failure can push you to the right direction 

Sometimes it isn’t until we fail that we see that maybe something isn’t for us or that we are going about it the right way and it pushes us to go a different direction or use a different tactic!

Quick tips for coping with failing :

  • Don’t take it personally! We all fail at some point and it doesn’t represent your incapablity to achieve something.
  • Learn and adapt!
  • Don’t dwell on it and overthink the failure – put your energy onto your next steps.
  • Change your definition of failure – remove the negative and just accept somethings don’t work exactly how we expect them to! 
  • Before you start know that there is a possibility of failing and accept that!
  • Failure does not mean no. Or you can’t do something or a door is shut!
  • Find a way to turn the failure into a positive for you e.g. ‘So doing this that way isn’t working but I did learn that there is a quicker way of doing this part of the project’
  • Talk about it – failing isn’t a secret and once you share your failures you will see others share their experiences and you will learn new things from theirs like they will from yours!

Recently I was involved in a branding project and when trying to put together an aspect of it I failed so I decided to scrap the whole thing, start fresh with a new approach. With a new mindset, some research and experimenting I got there in the end ! 

What was your recent failure and how did you work through it??

Look forward to hearing from you all x

S S xx


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