Get Your Facts Straight: Primers

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I’m starting a new segment called ‘Get Your Facts Straight’ where I give the must know facts on different topics. This month it’s all things primers!

I feel like primers are the backbone of our faces and the makeup we apply. Primers can make or break other makeup products! I’ve seen many people throw away foundations because they thought the foundation didn’t last long or look good when in fact they had the wrong primer underneath hence why their foundation didn’t last or not look that great.

Let me take you through all things primer!

Why even use it?

A primer prepares your skin for makeup, just like you wouldn’t paint directly onto a blank bare canvas without priming it first (for all you artists out there!) the same goes for our face. After cleansing and moisturising your face, apply your primer all over – around the nose, chin, cheeks etc. Let it soak in for 5 minutes. Primers give you the best base for makeup you will apply, primers affect how your makeup will look and how long it will last.

What primer is right for me?

There are two main types of primers – oil/silicone based or water based. I would recommend owning one of each, reason being the primer you wear should be based on which foundation you are going to use. If your foundation is water based (in the ingredient list of your foundation – if there are words ending in’icone’ or siloxane at the top of the list then the foundation is silicone based if these words are not at the top of the list or at all then the foundation is water based) then use a water based primer and vise versa.

Important thing to note is to LET THE PRIMER SINK INTO YOUR SKIN COMPLETELY before adding foundation.

What are the different types of primers?

Besides being either water or silicone based, primers can come with other added benefits.   Colour correcting, line minimising, oil control, hydrating are the main different ones.

So if you have aging skin you would pick the line minimising, if you have dry skin then the hydrating one would be for you. I have oily skin so I use the oil control type primers. You are also free to apply more than one primer at at time, do not mix them together but apply them on top of eachother. For example lets say you have some redness and oily skin. You would apply the colour correcting primer (let your skin absorb it completely) then you can apply the oil control primer to your oily areas and let your skin absorb it before applying foundation.

What are some top rated primers?

There are so many primers out on the market and the list is growing everyday!

Below are the most popular budget and lux primers :





What are your favourite primers? Which have you found disappointing?

Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Get Your Facts Straight: Primers

  1. akmakeupaddict says:

    Great post, tons of really helpful information about primers. I’ve been using the Juice Beauty PhytoPigments primer and it’s been awesome. It’s hydrating and doesn’t clog my pores.

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