Spa Day @ Home

Hello Beauties

What I’ve been loving lately is having spa days at home which has given me flexibility of not having to travel anywhere, use products I know and love and take as much time doing it all as I want to!

I wanted to share what I do on my ‘spa days‘ and my favourite products to use.

Starting with the face, I generally start with a face mask (if I don’t need to use my pore strips in which case I would use the pore strips then apply a face mask). Face masks are a must for everyone regardless of your skin type. There are thousands of face masks out there for all kinds of skin types and needs. I will share below my favourites, I like to leave my face masks on for a little longer than instructed. I rotate the masks I use so that I keep it interesting – I use a clay mask, an antioxidant mask and a moisturising mask.  After  I wash/ peel the mask off I apply a heavy deep moisturiser to soothe the face.

For my body, I like to deeply exfoliate my skin and then deeply moisturise my skin, I like prefer to use body oils than lotions as they tend to moisturise and help with skin troubles (like scars, stretch marks etc) I will share my favourite oils below. Be sure to let your skin completely absorb the lotion/oils.

For my feet, I have a small foot spa machine I use, in which I soak my feet in foot soak and use the massager function on the machine, I then use the foot wash followed by the foot scrub and pumice to wash off any dead skin and after a final rinse I thoroughly dry and moisturise the feet! My favourite foot products are below.

Another thing I do is burn essential oils or scented candles in the house during this time it not only sets the mood but is soooo relaxing I like using lavender, or vanilla.

Do you pamper yourself at home? If so what products do you use?

Always find time for ‘me’ time at some point in your week, it’s so important to recharge so you can be the best you can be to everyone around you and yourself.

Until next time xx


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