March is for…Meditation

Happy March Beauties!

This month is all about meditation! I am new to it myself but wanted to create an article to share the benefits and basics of it.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness.A state of deep peace where the mind is silent, calm and completely alert.

Why Meditate?

There are many benefits to meditating – main one being stress relief. Improved concentration and focus, improves emotional balance, and improves oxygen circulation throughout the body are the other most talked about benefits (among many many others)

Are there different types of meditation?

Yes there a quite a few ways to meditate, I won’t go into all of the types but the main types of meditation are:

  • Guided imagery meditation – where you form mental images of relaxing places or situations and use as many senses as possible.
  • Mindfulness meditation – where you focus on your breathing which broadens your conscious awareness.
  • Mantra meditation – where you silently repeat a positive word or phrase which blocks out distractions
  • Transcendental meditation- where you silently repeat a self chosen mantra and settle into a state of rest without having to concentrate or with little effort.

How long does meditation last?

If you are new to meditating it is recommended to start at 5-10 mins per session. How many sessions you have is a personal choice, some people are happy with 15mins per day while others do 30 mins per session several times a week, see what works for you.

How to meditate:

I created this cute downloadable to help newbies start meditating, you can save it on your phone, print it and post it up in your quiet meditating area or share with friends!

Download here.

Hope this has been informative for you and I would love to hear from long time meditators and your advice on the topic – comment below!

If you are new to it -how are you finding it and what made you start?

Personally for me – I noticed I was always switched on even when I was ‘relaxing’ and if I happened to be stressed I had even more of an active mind and trouble sleeping so I decided to give this ago and help calm my mind. I am very new to this so I am slowly conditioning my mind to this new way of shutting off!



Until next time

SS xx


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