10 Makeup Commandments To Live By….

Hello Beauties!

How was your weekend? I spent mine buying lama covered pjs, granola brunch dates with my gf, working on a secret soon to be announced project and trialling some new lashes!

Today’s post is all about makeup commandments. We all have our own style and method of using makeup but there a some essential guidelines we can all admit help our makeup life be that much better! Here are the 10 that work for me and that I’ve learnt (the hard way tbh!) over the last 10 years:

  1. Thou shall not sleep with makeup on. This one I ignored for a good part of my early twenties and then dealt with the after math of bad skin. So I know the importance of this one first hand! Our skin needs to breathe and repair/rest overnight so it’s important to clean, moisturise and rest your face. Your pores will love you I promise!
  2. Thou shall apply makeup in natural lighting. This one is so important. I’ve applied makeup in ill lit rooms and looked fabulous but as soon as I stepped out into natural light the colours were wrong and not blended well enough. Light is everything!! 
  3. Thou shall find the right foundation shade. This will deliver you the best most flawless look! With the wrong colour no matter how hard you blend it it will not reach that level of flawless you are after so get yourself to a counter and get matched, the results will speak for themselves.
  4. Thou shall use the right brushes. This I also learnt the hard way for years I thought I just sucked at blending eyeshadow that it was just something I will never do right. Until I bought a brush set and started using different brushes and saw the difference in finish they produced! It really is worth spending a little bit more for brushes because I’ve tried both cheap and pricey ones and quality is in the more pricer brushes, the hairs on the brush deliver the better blending.
  5. Thou shall find the right shade of lipstick. What I mean by this is take for example the classic red lipstick now there are like 50 shades of red out there and not everyone can wear every shade well depending on your skin tone etc. It took me a while to find the right red as I noticed certain shades made me look 20 years older and kind of sick…. so after much experimentation I finally found a tone that worked with my blonde hair, and skin tone that complimented me. So invest the time in finding the right nude, plum, red, pink, brown etc it can change your whole look when it’s done right!
  6. Thou shall stay hydrated. This will benefit you on many levels but mostly your skin and plumpness of lips and cheeks also. Hydration is life for our skin. So make sure you are soaking up that H2O on the daily and do not slack off! I noticed when I was very hydrated makeup just sat more smoothly on my face and my lips had more ‘bounce’ to them! Always have a bottle in your handbag or on your desk 🙂
  7. Thou shall invest in a quality cleanser. Cleansers affect your skin more than some people give them credit for. Some cleansers can dry out your skin more than others, some may not cleanse very well and still leave your skin dirty while others may cause you to break out! It’s important to find the right one for you that not only cleans your skin but leaves it feeling healthy and hydrated. I have oily skin so I started using an oil cleanser and it works wonders, it cleans my face so much more than any other cleanser I’ve had and also keeps my face supple and hydrated without feeling oily or greasey.
  8. Thou shall not use old makeup. This is especially applicable to foundation or any eye makeup. For foundation not only is it unhealthy to put expired products on your face but the product most likely won’t be in the best consistency leaving you with a blotchy finish and possibility of breakouts (sometimes a funky smell too). As for eye makeup – the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and infection is very easy. So using old concealers, mascaras and eyeshadows will irratate the skin and eyes possibly causing redness and inflammation. Not to mention an ugly finish! So be strong to part ways with old favourites as they won’t do you any favours!
  9. Thou shall practice. As trends change so do techniques and not everyone will instantly catch on and be able to do it so practice until you perfect it! Don’t lose hope if you don’t get it the first few times. I couldn’t put on fake lashes to save myself and spend more time glueing my real lashes together than anything but I was persistent and now you won’t see me without those bad boys fluttering on me! So keep at it and you will nail it take my word for it.
  10. Thou shall contour. Contouring changed my makeup life. The difference some blending makes in transforming and complementing your face is life changing. After I learnt how to do it I started to think about how much it makes sense to contour we are not 2D beings we are all 3 dimensional so it makes sense to blend products accordingly to our facial shapes to make it work like makeup is made to work?! So grab yourself a contour Palette and go to town you will not regret it! 

Do you have makeup commandments you live by and have learnt over the years? Share with me – comment below! 

Hope your week is as flawless as your base x



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