Reverse Bucket List

Hello Beauties! 

Hope your weekend was awesome. I love a new start to the week! Today’s post is all about the reverse bucket list so things I have already done!

I saw a similar post on another blog and loved the idea so I wanted to share mine so a reverse bucket list is all the things you have done on your bucket list:

  • Got a body piercing
  • Can speak more than one language
  • Have climbed the Harbour Bridge
  • Have modelled on a runway 
  • Have learnt how to knit, sew, crotchet
  • Can do the splits
  • Have lived on my own (4 years!)
  • Have a pet
  • Put furniture together successfully on my own 😩
  • Saw all my fav stand up comedians live!
  • Volunteered at a homeless shelter
  • Went on a helicopter ride
  • Went ice skating
  • Fed a giraffe
  • Went glamping overlooking Sydney Harbour
  • Went to a live basketball, soccer, and rugby game 
  • Got Botox!
  • Made a pen pal
  • Travelled with my sister
  • Lost a ton of weight (used to be an obese child!)

What are some of yours?! 

This is a great way of remembering all the awesome stuff that you’ve achieved we tend to get lost in trying to reach our next goal we tend to forget how far we have come! 

Stay fabulous x



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