20 Things Only Makeup Junkies Will Appreciate….

Hello Beauties!

This post is dedicated to all the beauty junkies, near and far, you know who you are. I recently bonded with two  complete strangers one in a bathroom and then in a store over makeup and it hit me how all of us makeup freaks have so many common hates and loves etc so I wanted to do a post of 20 things we can all appreciate (or hate!):

  1. When you are about to run out on a favourite product only to discover you already have 2 back ups (you secretly thank your inner hoarder for this!)
  2. When you know a makeup sale is about to go down next week so you plan what aspect of your life you are going to sacrifice to spend big at this sale.
  3. When you wish your favourite foundation would come in more shades or a matte finish only to have your mind blown when the brand releases this exact change?!
  4. That feeling of priming your skin and knowing you have a fresh clean base to start your masterpiece.
  5. When you try a new cheap makeup brand and have your mind blown at how good the product actually is and wonder if this should be kept a secret or if the masses will find out soon.
  6. When you are speaking to people but then your mind wonders and you start thinking about how good they would look with some contour and a bomb winged eye.
  7. When you get a new makeup palette with 40 different shades and fantasise about all the looks you can do with the colours, fast forward 3 mths later and you continue to use the same 4 shades….
  8. When you nail a winged eye on BOTH eyes and feel like a new person. Like you can achieve anything while looking this fierce.
  9. When you find your true match in lipstick colour and wonder how you ever spent all those years wearing the wrong shade? Like why didn’t anyone stop you?
  10. When you watch a makeup tutorials and need to do a full glam face after watching all that makeup inspo even though you are not going anywhere lounging with your cat on a Wednesday night.
  11. When you purchase a much hyped up product only to discover it completely sucks and you have wasted your money, leaving you wondering what is wrong with today’s society.
  12. That satisfying feeling of removing every single bit of makeup off your face and seeing all the dirty makeup removers sitting in the bin.
  13. That moment you apply your base but haven’t done your eye or eyebrows yet and you are just looking back at yourself all bare and weird realising how much your eyebrows and eyes carry your face.
  14. When you decide to go for a ‘light natural look’ – 10 mins later you are blending that contouring, drying those lashes and patting away excess highlighter……
  15. When you put foundation on and halfway through realize you didn’t put any primer on…. so you wonder if you should just cancel your whole day….
  16. When you come home from a makeup haul and your partner/sister/brother/mother/father don’t understand why you would need eyebrow pencils, setting powder, or 3 different shades of nude lipstick…. so you sit through their judging assessment of your bags….
  17. When you try a new makeup look that is trending but no matter how you work it it just doesn’t do you any favors at all. So you wonder what is wrong with your face that this isn’t working?
  18. When a newbie to makeup tells you to do her face and show her everything makeup. You feel like it is Christmas and you are about to blow her mind at the possibilities of all the different looks she will pull off! Her life is about to change.
  19. When someone you know wears the exact same outdated and extremely unflattering makeup look every damn day and you wonder whyyyyyyyy???? You literally cannot fathom why they would do that day in day out.
  20. When you do a perfect full glam face and your mascara want leaves a tiny black dot on your face. You contemplate just leaving it there then you scrap away at the dot but it smudges so now you have to start over on one side of your face.

Did any of these ring true for you?

What other ones would you add?

Hope you have a flawless face kinda day x




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