Contouring Products!

Happy April Beauties

Today I wanted to go through contouring products that work and give you that defined and beat face!! If you are new to contouring or just want to see other products you can use then this post is for you! 

I’ll start with the Australis AC ON TOUR kits because they come in both cream and powder! I have both palettes and love the pigmentation and blendability (not a word but needs to be)

I have used these for the past year I think and they never disappoint! Great colours and they def deliver the contouring results. Oh and they are so affordable !!

Next I loooove Revlon’s Sculpt and Highlight powder kit. I love this because it’s compact, pigmented and the colours are perfect!!!! You can contour on the go with this and it’s affordable!

I’ve used LA Girl Concealers for contouring and it works so well – they have such a wide range of colours and the contour is great for long wear as it doesn’t budge not to mention it conceals!!

Ben NYE Luxury Powders are literally one of my favourite powders to contour with! Great range of shades, powder is blendable, light yet pigmented and your skin just looks amazing with it on! Perfect for baking your face too!

My next contouring purchase will be the Chi Chi Highlighting and Contouring Palette the colours look amazing and I’m dying to try it out! 

Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite contouring product? Comment below!

Until next time

SS xx


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