10 Apps to Download Right Now!

Hello Beauties! 

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good app and am constantly on the lookout of new and useful apps to make life easier! 

Here is my current 10 new apps I’ve downloaded:

  1. Stylebook

Stylebook is the lazy persons answer and to getting dressed. You upload a photo of all of your clothes and stylebook does the rest it can auto put together an outfit for you or you can scroll through your whole wardrobe in the palm of your hand!

       2. Desygner

Desygner is an app for designing images, similar to Canva it has a libaray of different images you can create, it has a lot of creative freedom and variety! 


       3. Nike + Training

Don’t want to join a gym? This is the app for you. This app has an extensive library of workouts and videos , professional and timed for you all you need to do is press start! 

        4. Bloglovin

This is for the blog lovers. It is one place to follow and search all blogs! You can search via blog or post topic or name and follow and unfollow whoever you like! 


       5. Bitmoji

This is a fun app that lets you create an emoji of yourself that you can use in snapchat, text anywhere really – it has an extensive choice of emojis in all sorts of situations, emotions , characters etc!


      6. Colorstory

This app is perfect for editing photos – especially flatlays and content for websites and blogs, filters are specifically designed to bring out the products/ subjects in your photos! 

      7. IScanner

This app is awesome when you need to scan documents but aren’t near a scanner. Easily use your phone camera to scan and send the documents over without leaving your desk! Can send as PDFs! 


     8. Colorfy 

This app is for adult colouring – you don’t need a book or pencils you can do it all in the palm of your hand and choose from many fun designs!!


       9. Shout for Good

Is a charity donation app that allows you to choose how much and what cause you would like to donate to – donating could not get simpler!


    10. Heads Up!

This is Ellen’s app I think – I saw it on her show and it is so much fun! Just like celebrity heads but with more variety of categories and a timer’ and you can Video the person doing them! 

So these are the apps I recently downloaded. What are your current fav apps or new ones you have discovered? 

Comment below!

Until next time!

SS x


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