Favourites: Lashes!

I’m a lashes junkie.

It’s true. I can’t stop and I won’t stop. I have many lengths, volumes and designs so I want to share my favourites with you! 

I like lashes for many reasons but mostly because it gives you so much freedom in shape and size and over all can change your makeup look quite easily ! Not to mention you don’t have to deal with messy mascara under the eyes or clumps! Also not going to lie but through many moments of full on ugly crying they didn’t leave me a mascara ridden massacre accross my face!

Now back to my favourites…..

Ardell Glamour lashes

These bad boys are amazing. They are easy to adjust and give such a full and natural finished lash it was love at first sight! I always have a few of these in my kit ! For extra glamour add a winged eye!

Revlon Lengthen Lashes

Revlon Lengthen lashes I love for their lightweight and sultry finish! Natural looking and can be used on its on for a sultry look without adding eyeshadow! Gorgeous 

Red Cherry

Red Cherry know how to do a lash. No doubt about it so I’ve chosen two as they have such an awesome range 

The above I like because it gives you amazing volume and drama! Great for a night out or anytime you want your lashes noticed!!

This one I love for a whispy feminine natural finish. Girly and long without being too dramatic! Very light also.

MAC 21 Lash

This lash is great if you want volume but for your eyeshadow makeup to still be seen and not lost behind all the lash! So lightweight and natural !

These are my current favourites – I would love to find out some new brands that you all love so please a comment of what your favourites are!

Until next time xx



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