May BellaBox Review

Hi Beauties! 

I received my May BellaBox this week and wanted to share it with you and review the goodies inside πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

If you aren’t familiar with BellaBox it is a monthly beauty subscription box here in Australia. 

This month included:

  • Colourpop Lip Product
  • John Frieda Sheer Blonde Perfecting Treatment
  • EstΓ©e Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume
  • Prep Bod Original Rice Scrub & Soak
  • Cetaphi Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • The Body Shop 3 in 1 wash.scrub.mask

Colourpop Lip Product

I haven’t tried a Colorpop product before so I was excited to give this ago! The colour was very pigmented and the applicator made it easy to apply the product. A little goes a long way as it is very pigmented and at first glides on like a liquid lipstick but then seconds later turns into a light Matte finish without drying the lips or cracking. I like the ‘lightness’ of the product even though it’s very pigmented it doesn’t feel heavy at all even as a Matte!

I would 100% but this again!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Perfecting Treatment

This treatment is made to transform dull blonde hair and to add a shimmery overlay.

I used this in the shower and allowed it to absorb into my hair for 5 mins, once out and my hair was dry I did notice a slight shine however I wouldn’t say it transformed dull hair for me. I wouldn’t buy this product because it didn’t make much of a difference for me, I think a hair oil I use to soften and strength my hair gives more shine than this – didn’t do much for my tone either …. however if you are looking for a soft shine then this maybe for you!

EstΓ©e Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume

Perfume to me is a personal preference while one smell might be unappealing to me someone else may love it a whole lot! This particular perfume is beautiful – it’s a soft scent of vanilla and warm amber ! Love it! It’s not overwhelming but very delicate and easy on the nose.

I would def buy the full size of this!

Prep Bod Original Rice Scrub & Soak

This product has the consistency of fine sand and can be used as a bath soak or an in shower exfoliant!

I was pleasantly surprised when I used it as a exfoliant in the shower ir 100% exfoliates and has a refreshing floral smell! Only used about 3 small handfuls, my skin felt amazing afterwards!

Very affordable – I would def buy this for my shower routine !

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I’ve used Cetaphil body lotions before and I love those ( great for fake tanners FYI) so I was looking forward to trying this cleanser, I think this is a simple product. Gentle, thorough cleansing and smells fresh! Very easy on the skin but cleanses quite thoroughly without drying the skin. Bottle states it softens while it cleans and it does just that. It’s great for sensitive skin as its fragrance free and dermatologist recommended!

I have a good cleanser I use at the moment so I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this but I do rate this as a great product just not a unique one because I think there are many great cleansers out there and this didn’t stand out to me. I don’t have sensitive skin so I think for people who do this would be ideal.

The Body Shop 3 in 1 wash.scrub.mask

This is my favourite product of the box! The product is a refreshing cleansing paste that you  scrub onto your face and leave on for a few minutes then rinse! Your skin is clean, exfoliated and refreshed!! Absolutely would buy this product – my skin felt amazing after and it tightened my pores too!  Also as the name suggests it’s 3 products in one so that’s more bathroom space for other products! 

As my fav product out of the bunch I would def spend money on this!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts ?

SS xx


But first….. Coffee!Β 

Anyone else feel like they need more hours in the day? The last couple of weeks have been so time poor for me I feel like I’m in need of more hours to fit everything in!

Lots to discuss in today’s post πŸ˜‹ I hope you are enjoying this series as I’m finding it like I’m sharing my journal with my readers on whatever topics I want to record and share!
Little Victories

  1. Surprised mum for her birthday
  2. Killed 5 days of training consequently 
  3. Learnt a new raw dessert recipe
  4. Have my first customer!
  5. Cleaned linen closet out and decluttered

Insomnia busters

From time to time I have nights where I can’t sleep or I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, over the years these tips have worked for me:

Make sure your body is not overheated

Clear your mind as you try to sleep completely focus on relaxing each part of your body

Wear an eye mask – there is something about complete darkness that helps me go to sleep quicker (also I don’t get woken up by my mobile lighting up etc)

Drink magnesium before you sleep! It relaxes you nervous system plus great for your muscles

Have a bath or shower before hand. Your body is warm and relaxed after.

Try not to keep switching positions while you try and sleep – fidgeting won’t help so try and find a good spot and relax there for as long as you can.
Top 10 current favourite things:

  • Paw paw cream – lifesaver for my lips in winter 
  • Headbands – I wear them everyday at home I have thick hair and it just keeps it out of my face!
  • New sheets – I love new sheets and the feeling of lying in bed with fresh sheets πŸ’œ
  • Coconut & almond cookies – I will share the recipe with you in a seperate post but these are clean eating delicious snack cookies!! 
  • Bed socks – I love big fluffy bed socks , weirdly enough some how in my sleep I manage to take them off but I love going to bed in them!
  • Post workout high – I love the energy I feel after an intense workout ! It’s such a good feeling and I enjoy the rush!
  • Reality tv – if you read my blog regularly you will know I love reality tv! I watch the kardashians, all the housewives of…, love and hip hop, t.i. & tiny, etc if you know of any good ones let me know!!! 
  • Lip scrubs! – I’m obsessed with lip scrubs! As I have my own range I’m constantly trying new flavours and I love the way my lips feel and look – fresh, hydrated, soft and exfoliated! My fav flavour that’s about to launch is fairy floss! 
  • Naps – due to my schedule I haven’t had a good nap in ages but I really love naps and am looking forward to having time for one! I find if I nap for an hour and a half that’s the perfect time  to feel refreshed but not lazy – if I sleep more than that I wake up cranky and lazy 😣
  • Good lighting – lighting affects my mood! If a place has terrible lighting I find I get a headache or am unfocused, I love natural light it just makes the space feel fresh and positive 

Something I have changed in the last week:

So I’m in the middle of a 8 week clean eating training challenge as part of my gym and last week I changed all the smoothies and shakes I make. I bought a nutibullet and it’s made all my green smoothies taste amazing so now I drink a whole lot of those ! 😍

Winter things I do …..

It’s not technically winter in Sydney yet (autumn) but I’ve found I am starting my winter activities early! In winter I’m always baking, movie binge watching, drinking hot mochas, living in big warm fluffy sweaters and pjs! I tend to read a lot more in winter as well and take longer hotter baths ! Also I go overboard with my blanket purchases I have so many! I moisturise my skin quite frequently in winter and am loving heavier hydrating lotions.

Last thing I bought that a blogger influenced me to bye:

Bondi Sands Tan eraser ( review coming soon) 

Ashy Bines who is a fitness lifestyle coach and blogger showed off this product on her snapchat as she was at the product launch and I had to grab it. I use the Bondi Sands tanner so it will be a perfect match as a remover !

Last thing I screen shot:

 This dress because I am looking for wedding dress Inspo:

Unfinished projects….

– Making new labels for new products

– Sewing bed linen

– Closet clean out 

Things I like to do the old fashioned way:

Making custard from scratch

Read actual books (note ebooks)

Write letters 

Keeping a physical address book

Writing down recipes

Print out photos

Keep a physical desk calendar 

Skill I would like to learn:

Public speaking – I’m a terrible public speaker 😣

Last useful article I read:

Current addiction:

Almond butter!!

Inspired by ……

This dress

Next DIY project :

Making this mug !

Hope your week is amazing ! 

Comment below what’s inspiring you right now, last useful article you read or what you’ve changed in the last week!

SS xx

May is for …. Motivation

This month I want to talk motivation.

Whether it’s motivation to keep fit, progress in your work, or just motivation to be the best version of yourself I’ve put together motivation tips that will help you along and keep you focused and inspired!

  • Be kind to yourself – don’t beat yourself down keep positive and embrace your strengths. It’s very easy to feel down about your weaknesses and let that consume you but everyday bit by bit acknowledge at least one thing about yourself or your situation which makes you feel good.
  • Recognise your progress – many people focus on how far they have to go but it’s important to acknowledge how far you have come! It’s great to be hungry for the end goal but looking back and being like ‘ wow I did all of that! ‘ is just as inspiring !
  • Take one day at a time – that way you don’t get overwhelmed! Also that way you give your attention to one thing at at time instead of rushing through it because you are focusing on the amount you have to do as a whole ….
  • Treat yo self ! Small rewards for your progress this will make you feel good and motivated to continue, it can be something small or big depending on your achievements …. for me treats can be a well deserved break like a bath or getting a facial etc…
  • Don’t be afraid to fail – don’t let failure demotivate you. Take something away from the failure and grow – you wouldn’t have learnt anything if you never fail. Don’t take no as an option, failure doesn’t mean no you can’t do it, it’s just pushing you to think different about your approach and try something new! 
  • Keep your end goal in mind and insight – remove any unnecessary commitments and always surround yourself with the end goal. I like visual reminders whether it’s a picture, calendar count down, figures etc! 
  • When you drop the excuses you will see the results – there will be obstacles, failures and issues that come but if you aren’t willing to work through them then don’t bother pursuing your goal – stay realistic. Don’t pressure yourself to complete a goal in let’s say a timeframe you know you can’t meet , it’s ok to challenge yourself but set a goal that you know if you put in the work you will get there! Whatever the challenge or issue that comes up take it on and see where it takes you !
  • Connect with people with similar goals / interests – this will surround you with good energy and keep you focused plus let’s you bounce ideas of one another! This I love because when people know your goals or have similar ones they tend to throw ideas, help, related items your way that you wouldn’t have had otherwise if you hadn’t shared your goal with anyone. 

Stay focused xx


Review of the Month

Hello Beauties 

May’s review of the month is the Olaplex Hair Perfector (No. 3).


This is a strengthening treatment for the hair. It is part of a 3 step treatment process however I personally only use the last step. 

This treatment is excellent on coloured, dry, breaking, thinning hair. I’ve been using this for almost a year now, as I dye my hair blonde my hair needs all the love it can get! Thankfully I do have naturally thick hair but I wanted something that reduces breakage, split ends and promotes growth and this is it!

Can be used on dry or wet hair, I’ve been covering my hair (focusing on the ends) after I pop out of the shower on towel dry hair. I’ve also used it on dry hair when it needs some extra love. 

After using the treatment I noticed my hair grew more with way less breaking and healthy volume. Overall I def have way less damage overall when I use this. I also noticed if I went a week or two without using it my hair broke more etc so I could tell it does have a strengthening benefit to hair!

A little goes a long way this small bottle lasts me months. I use about 3 or 4 pea sized amounts each time. The bottle says use once a week but I use it twice! Can be used on any hair type or colour. Also for the blondes it doesn’t alter the colour of your hair either so it’s ticking all the boxes!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

SS xx

But first… Coffee!

Hello Beauties 

New week new start! 

I’ve had a rough weekend with the passing of a family member so trying to keep positive and taking it day by day….

Lots to discuss in this week’s post:

Last Pinterest pin I cooked :

Magic Custard Pie

Easy and delicious – if you love custard gotta give this a go 

Things I’m trying to get better at:

  • Making raw desserts
  • Managing my time
  • Saving money
  • Strength training
  • Throwing out things I don’t use
  • Making more of an effort to stay in touch with friends
  • Yoga
  • Sewing

Last clothing I bought:

(Needs ironing!)

Lastest app I’ve downloaded:

This app lets me create times workouts when I don’t have time to go to the gym – customise everything ! Love it

What are some of my mood lifters ?

  • Talking to my sister
  • Doing a creative activity
  • Watching reality tv shows
  • Working out
  • Cooking new foods
  • Making my fiancΓ© laugh
  • Wearing a new outfit
  • Decluttering

Next movie I want to see:

All the jobs I’ve held:

  • Cashier
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Ad creator 
  • Support Desk Coordinator
  • Senior Conference Administrator 
  • Training Coordinator
  • Office Manager

Must haves in my dream home….. (if money was no issue)

plunge spa bath

– two ovens + coffee station

– library with reading book

– large comfy outside swing bed

– wood fire oven

– movie theatre 

– laundry shoots

– beauty room + full length mirrors and lights

– gym!

– pool with pool bar 

Three things : one truth and two lies:

  1. I have tattoos
  2. I can speak a language other than English
  3. I am a skilled roller blader 

Something this week that makes me feel anxious:

Packing- I always worry I have forgotten something important !!

Top 5 moments in life so far:

Coming to live in Australia

Losing almost half my body weight as a teenager ( going from obese to healthy !)

Adopting Mia ( my feline companion)

Living on my own for 4 years

Getting engaged!

4 words that describe life right now.

Change, growth, hard work, planning

Hope your week is productive and fun x 


But first ….. Coffee!

Hello Beauties!

Hope your Mother’s Day was amazing and you celebrated – my mum is not in the same state as me right now so we will be doing a celebration for her when she gets back! Her birthday is this week as well so we have lots to celebrate! 

What did you guys do for Mother’s Day?

Today I’ve got lots to share I wanted to start off with all things guilty pleasures!

Top 5 guilty pleasures:

Wine, massages, pastries & cake, trashy reality shows, naps

Some weekends this is all I do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Goals for the next month:

  • Stick to my 8 wk challenge!
  • Organise mum’s celebration activities 
  • Practice creating some clean treats
  • Change wardrobe from summer to winter
  • Finalise holiday plans for June
  • Send grandma care package

Current product I’m obsessed with :

Last time something gave me beauty Inspo:

I watched Cleopatra the 1963 version with Elizabeth Taylor a few weeks ago – if you haven’t seen that please do yourself a favour and watch this! 

Her make up looks and fashion are incredible in this film I was glued to the screen! This will def inspire anyone! 

Last thing I made by myself (DIY):

So I love outrageous linen like crazy images or designs, anyways I was at a linen store and they had this bright fabric covered in flamingos and I just had to have it – I then made linen with it! 

Favourite late night snack:

I have two versions of this – if I’m eating clean then it would be a choc protein and peanut butter smoothie, or if I’m not eating cleaning then it’s chips or some kind of chocolate or candy….. 

Current fashion want :

I’m currently after a good pair of high waisted black pants…. I’m tall so it’s a bit hard for me to find pants the right length for me so if anyone knows of any amazing black pants for tallies like me drop me a line x

Something like this ….

Who’s Instagram account am I currently obsessed with?!

@streetartglobe I love this account because it has such awesome street art around the world it will make your jaw drop! People are so talented! 

Ways I save money!

I put aways some $$ every week no matter how small (or big!) I always try to put something away at the end of each week and I always do so in cash because I physically then put it away because if I have it in my account it’s that much easier for me to use it! Another way I saved money is I put all my $2 coins in a empty coke bottle ( if you fill a coke bottle up with $2 Australian coins it equals to a thousand dollars) last year I did that…. 

Weird phobias?

 I hate touching (and refuse to touch) cellophane and styrofoam! They make me cringe and ggahhh I hate the texture and sound they make! I also don’t like the texture of meringues so I don’t eat them. Narrow spaces freak me out I feel like I could get stuck so I like to get out ASAP! 

Fashion regret?!

So I used to wear micro skirts like I’m talking belt for a skirt type situation (even in winter!!) looking back it’s so cringe worthy!!! Huge regret and I could never see myself wearing any of that now!! 😱

Last time someone treated me like crap!

This was a colleague not too long ago she was under a lot of pressure and when she is in that state she doesn’t really listen unless you can solve her problems right there and then. She was really rude and dismissive to me but I know she was going through a lot at the time so I chose not to fight back with her – like they say some battles are not worth fighting… she did email me after hours later apologising for being so short and taking it out on me …. 

Last failed photo I took

Dropped my camera mid shot…..

I would love to hear some of your answers to the above ! Please comment below πŸ€—

To all my Aussie followers I’ve launched the first tea for She Loves Chaos – Green Power Tea

It’s  a rich wellbeing antioxidant tea – a blend of green, fennel seed, nettle leaf, marshmallow leaf, rose petal, dandelion root and juniper berry loos leaf tea. 

This tea is great for a dose of antioxidants and helping your body detox inside out!

Grab yours here

Have an amazing week xx