Get Your Facts Straight: Lashes

Hi Beauties! 

Today’s post is dedicated to those delicate fluttery things on our eyes – Lashes!! You may think you know your lashes but think again…..

  • Eyelashes are made of 97% keratin and 3% water.
  • Upper lid is twice denser and has about 200 lashes, when the lower lid has about 100.
  • In 1917 American company Maybelline created the first mascara consisting of black coal and Vaseline, the novelty become immediately popular.
  • Lifespan of an eyelash is about 90 days
  • Of all the makeup on the market, mascara has the shortest lifespan of about three to five months. 
  • The average woman will spend $3,770 on mascara in her lifetime.
  • Eyelashes do grow back – despite the myth they don’t! 
  • Eyelashes protect your eyes from dust and other pollutants!
  • Want long, lush lashes? Don’t ever sleep in your mascara. Mascara makes your lashes stiff, leaving them more likely to break while you’re tossing and turning.
  • Mix castor oil, vitamin E and aloe Vera for an eyelash serum to grow your lashes!

Do any of these surprise you?! 

Until next time

SS x


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