But first ….. Coffee!

Hello Beauties!

Hope your Mother’s Day was amazing and you celebrated – my mum is not in the same state as me right now so we will be doing a celebration for her when she gets back! Her birthday is this week as well so we have lots to celebrate! 

What did you guys do for Mother’s Day?

Today I’ve got lots to share I wanted to start off with all things guilty pleasures!

Top 5 guilty pleasures:

Wine, massages, pastries & cake, trashy reality shows, naps

Some weekends this is all I do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Goals for the next month:

  • Stick to my 8 wk challenge!
  • Organise mum’s celebration activities 
  • Practice creating some clean treats
  • Change wardrobe from summer to winter
  • Finalise holiday plans for June
  • Send grandma care package

Current product I’m obsessed with :

Last time something gave me beauty Inspo:

I watched Cleopatra the 1963 version with Elizabeth Taylor a few weeks ago – if you haven’t seen that please do yourself a favour and watch this! 

Her make up looks and fashion are incredible in this film I was glued to the screen! This will def inspire anyone! 

Last thing I made by myself (DIY):

So I love outrageous linen like crazy images or designs, anyways I was at a linen store and they had this bright fabric covered in flamingos and I just had to have it – I then made linen with it! 

Favourite late night snack:

I have two versions of this – if I’m eating clean then it would be a choc protein and peanut butter smoothie, or if I’m not eating cleaning then it’s chips or some kind of chocolate or candy….. 

Current fashion want :

I’m currently after a good pair of high waisted black pants…. I’m tall so it’s a bit hard for me to find pants the right length for me so if anyone knows of any amazing black pants for tallies like me drop me a line x

Something like this ….

Who’s Instagram account am I currently obsessed with?!

@streetartglobe I love this account because it has such awesome street art around the world it will make your jaw drop! People are so talented! 

Ways I save money!

I put aways some $$ every week no matter how small (or big!) I always try to put something away at the end of each week and I always do so in cash because I physically then put it away because if I have it in my account it’s that much easier for me to use it! Another way I saved money is I put all my $2 coins in a empty coke bottle ( if you fill a coke bottle up with $2 Australian coins it equals to a thousand dollars) last year I did that…. 

Weird phobias?

 I hate touching (and refuse to touch) cellophane and styrofoam! They make me cringe and ggahhh I hate the texture and sound they make! I also don’t like the texture of meringues so I don’t eat them. Narrow spaces freak me out I feel like I could get stuck so I like to get out ASAP! 

Fashion regret?!

So I used to wear micro skirts like I’m talking belt for a skirt type situation (even in winter!!) looking back it’s so cringe worthy!!! Huge regret and I could never see myself wearing any of that now!! 😱

Last time someone treated me like crap!

This was a colleague not too long ago she was under a lot of pressure and when she is in that state she doesn’t really listen unless you can solve her problems right there and then. She was really rude and dismissive to me but I know she was going through a lot at the time so I chose not to fight back with her – like they say some battles are not worth fighting… she did email me after hours later apologising for being so short and taking it out on me …. 

Last failed photo I took

Dropped my camera mid shot…..

I would love to hear some of your answers to the above ! Please comment below πŸ€—

To all my Aussie followers I’ve launched the first tea for She Loves Chaos – Green Power Tea

It’s  a rich wellbeing antioxidant tea – a blend of green, fennel seed, nettle leaf, marshmallow leaf, rose petal, dandelion root and juniper berry loos leaf tea. 

This tea is great for a dose of antioxidants and helping your body detox inside out!

Grab yours here

Have an amazing week xx



2 thoughts on “But first ….. Coffee!

  1. emelivictoria says:

    Hey Darls! I’m tall as well so struggle with trouser length. Do you have Topshop in Aus? I have a pair almost the same from there. I got them in the tall range. Also check out Asos. I know they ship worldwide. I was the same with the mini skirts haha!! Not anymore *covers face*. I’ve never seen Cleopatra and I really don’t know why!! Great post as usual Xx

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