May is for …. Motivation

This month I want to talk motivation.

Whether it’s motivation to keep fit, progress in your work, or just motivation to be the best version of yourself I’ve put together motivation tips that will help you along and keep you focused and inspired!

  • Be kind to yourself – don’t beat yourself down keep positive and embrace your strengths. It’s very easy to feel down about your weaknesses and let that consume you but everyday bit by bit acknowledge at least one thing about yourself or your situation which makes you feel good.
  • Recognise your progress – many people focus on how far they have to go but it’s important to acknowledge how far you have come! It’s great to be hungry for the end goal but looking back and being like ‘ wow I did all of that! ‘ is just as inspiring !
  • Take one day at a time – that way you don’t get overwhelmed! Also that way you give your attention to one thing at at time instead of rushing through it because you are focusing on the amount you have to do as a whole ….
  • Treat yo self ! Small rewards for your progress this will make you feel good and motivated to continue, it can be something small or big depending on your achievements …. for me treats can be a well deserved break like a bath or getting a facial etc…
  • Don’t be afraid to fail – don’t let failure demotivate you. Take something away from the failure and grow – you wouldn’t have learnt anything if you never fail. Don’t take no as an option, failure doesn’t mean no you can’t do it, it’s just pushing you to think different about your approach and try something new! 
  • Keep your end goal in mind and insight – remove any unnecessary commitments and always surround yourself with the end goal. I like visual reminders whether it’s a picture, calendar count down, figures etc! 
  • When you drop the excuses you will see the results – there will be obstacles, failures and issues that come but if you aren’t willing to work through them then don’t bother pursuing your goal – stay realistic. Don’t pressure yourself to complete a goal in let’s say a timeframe you know you can’t meet , it’s ok to challenge yourself but set a goal that you know if you put in the work you will get there! Whatever the challenge or issue that comes up take it on and see where it takes you !
  • Connect with people with similar goals / interests – this will surround you with good energy and keep you focused plus let’s you bounce ideas of one another! This I love because when people know your goals or have similar ones they tend to throw ideas, help, related items your way that you wouldn’t have had otherwise if you hadn’t shared your goal with anyone. 

Stay focused xx



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