But first….. Coffee! 

Anyone else feel like they need more hours in the day? The last couple of weeks have been so time poor for me I feel like I’m in need of more hours to fit everything in!

Lots to discuss in today’s post 😋 I hope you are enjoying this series as I’m finding it like I’m sharing my journal with my readers on whatever topics I want to record and share!
Little Victories

  1. Surprised mum for her birthday
  2. Killed 5 days of training consequently 
  3. Learnt a new raw dessert recipe
  4. Have my first customer!
  5. Cleaned linen closet out and decluttered

Insomnia busters

From time to time I have nights where I can’t sleep or I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, over the years these tips have worked for me:

Make sure your body is not overheated

Clear your mind as you try to sleep completely focus on relaxing each part of your body

Wear an eye mask – there is something about complete darkness that helps me go to sleep quicker (also I don’t get woken up by my mobile lighting up etc)

Drink magnesium before you sleep! It relaxes you nervous system plus great for your muscles

Have a bath or shower before hand. Your body is warm and relaxed after.

Try not to keep switching positions while you try and sleep – fidgeting won’t help so try and find a good spot and relax there for as long as you can.
Top 10 current favourite things:

  • Paw paw cream – lifesaver for my lips in winter 
  • Headbands – I wear them everyday at home I have thick hair and it just keeps it out of my face!
  • New sheets – I love new sheets and the feeling of lying in bed with fresh sheets 💜
  • Coconut & almond cookies – I will share the recipe with you in a seperate post but these are clean eating delicious snack cookies!! 
  • Bed socks – I love big fluffy bed socks , weirdly enough some how in my sleep I manage to take them off but I love going to bed in them!
  • Post workout high – I love the energy I feel after an intense workout ! It’s such a good feeling and I enjoy the rush!
  • Reality tv – if you read my blog regularly you will know I love reality tv! I watch the kardashians, all the housewives of…, love and hip hop, t.i. & tiny, etc if you know of any good ones let me know!!! 
  • Lip scrubs! – I’m obsessed with lip scrubs! As I have my own range I’m constantly trying new flavours and I love the way my lips feel and look – fresh, hydrated, soft and exfoliated! My fav flavour that’s about to launch is fairy floss! 
  • Naps – due to my schedule I haven’t had a good nap in ages but I really love naps and am looking forward to having time for one! I find if I nap for an hour and a half that’s the perfect time  to feel refreshed but not lazy – if I sleep more than that I wake up cranky and lazy 😣
  • Good lighting – lighting affects my mood! If a place has terrible lighting I find I get a headache or am unfocused, I love natural light it just makes the space feel fresh and positive 

Something I have changed in the last week:

So I’m in the middle of a 8 week clean eating training challenge as part of my gym and last week I changed all the smoothies and shakes I make. I bought a nutibullet and it’s made all my green smoothies taste amazing so now I drink a whole lot of those ! 😍

Winter things I do …..

It’s not technically winter in Sydney yet (autumn) but I’ve found I am starting my winter activities early! In winter I’m always baking, movie binge watching, drinking hot mochas, living in big warm fluffy sweaters and pjs! I tend to read a lot more in winter as well and take longer hotter baths ! Also I go overboard with my blanket purchases I have so many! I moisturise my skin quite frequently in winter and am loving heavier hydrating lotions.

Last thing I bought that a blogger influenced me to bye:

Bondi Sands Tan eraser ( review coming soon) 

Ashy Bines who is a fitness lifestyle coach and blogger showed off this product on her snapchat as she was at the product launch and I had to grab it. I use the Bondi Sands tanner so it will be a perfect match as a remover !

Last thing I screen shot:

 This dress because I am looking for wedding dress Inspo:

Unfinished projects….

– Making new labels for new products

– Sewing bed linen

– Closet clean out 

Things I like to do the old fashioned way:

Making custard from scratch

Read actual books (note ebooks)

Write letters 

Keeping a physical address book

Writing down recipes

Print out photos

Keep a physical desk calendar 

Skill I would like to learn:

Public speaking – I’m a terrible public speaker 😣

Last useful article I read:


Current addiction:

Almond butter!!

Inspired by ……

This dress

Next DIY project :

Making this mug !

Hope your week is amazing ! 

Comment below what’s inspiring you right now, last useful article you read or what you’ve changed in the last week!

SS xx


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