But first….Coffee!

Does anyone else get complete satisfaction after doing a huge decluttering?? 

This weekend we did the whole house and there is just something so satisfying about having your house in order!

Lots to talk about this week 😊

Top 10 things that made me smile this weekend!

  • First sip of coffee!
  • Cat snuggles
  • Raw dessert treats
  • Movie night with the fiancΓ©
  • Making clean burgers!
  • Clean and tidy house!
  • Catching up with my grandma!
  • A killer awesome workout
  • Taking a much deserved bath!
  • New makeup purchases!

Current plans for winter:

  1. Trip to the Gold Coast
  2. Birthday getaway into the mountains!
  3. Complete 8 week challenge!
  4. Release of new flavours of lip scrubs and new range of body scrubs 

Best Green Smoothie!

Bunch of kale and spinach 

Scoop of vanilla protein

Mango pieces

Almond milk

Blend and enjoy! Doesn’t taste like a green juice at all!

Next beauty look I’m going to try!

It was National Donut Day last Friday here in Australia – here are my favourite donut inspired items:

The bean bag

The mug

The onesie

The jumper

Current song on replay:

Current home decor lust list:


Bar trolley

This chair/sofa

Cactus Bed covers 

Coffee cup set

Last 3 fav books I’ve read!

This book goes in depth about the future of jobs and employment in our technological time and age! How it will impact our work, how we can adapt and what we can do now for benefit our future working selves. 

An amazing story of one Afgani woman’s life when she finds herself in jail and the sisterhood she forms with her fellow jail mates – a great insight and tale of modern Afghan women.

This is a real account by a journalist about a voyeurist who purchases a motel specifically to watch his guests! Very unnerving yet captivating !
What have you read lately that you have loved?! 

Share your some of the things that have made you smile this weekend in the comments below!




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