Four To Try

Happy new week lovelies

Excited to share this week's Four To Try as these are new favourites:

Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil – In With Coral

One of my fave lip pencils – creamy and matte! Easy to apply and so pigmented! I love the shades in this range and it doesn't dry out your lips either.

Because it's a lip pencil it's a handbag dream because it takes up so little space!

I love this pinky peach colour it's very summery and light. You can apply it generously for a more brighter richer colour.

1000Hour – Envious Black Lashes

At first I didn't think these would be easy to apply just because they didn't feel that flexible but they were super easy to apply and held really well! 

Love the dramatic finish and very light on the lids so didn't feel like you had anything on.

Very clean yet dramatic design, was most impressed with how well they held on and didn't move.

Macadamia Professional – Blow Dry Lotion

I've been using this product anytime I use heating in my hair. It's a creamy lotion – smells amazing and helps protect your hair from damage when using blow drying or straightening your hair.

This lotion kept my hair hydrated and smooth after I blow dry and is color safe.

I used it on both dry and wet hair and found the better result is when I use it on wet hair and then blow dry the product through. 

Amazing for your hair as it has protein and many oils to help prevent breakage and dryness.

Sephora – Shea Lip Mask

At first I was a little skeptical about this one because I was like how much can a mask really hydrate my lips??!

I popped the sheet on and it was full of hydrating product – I didn't even have it on for the full 15 mins and my lips felt ahhhmazing!

I had dry lips hence why I bought the mask but literally 10 mins after having it out my lips felt soft, hydrated and happy.

Really impressed with this one and would def repurchase (also really cheap!)

Have you tried any of these? Leave your thoughts below xx

SS xx


Insta- Beauties

Hello Beauties

I've been thinking this week at how much beauty inspiration we have around us these days – social media, celebs, movies, magazines are full of beauty inspo and have changed the way we share tricks, videos, tutorials etc in a big way.

Today I wanted to share my top 10 Insta-Beauties who inspire me and who I've learnt some tricks and tips off + plus also the ones I just can stare and admire all day long!

1. Insta.Beauty.Mummy

What I love about this blogger are her tips and tricks. She regularly shows how she uses her fave products and is honest about how she achieves results for her skin and makeup looks. She combines fashion, lifestyle and beauty!

2. OzProductJunkie

Another fellow Aussie blogger. I love her product features and reviews! She Loves to try new products and gives honest feedback

3. Makeupby_Jaz

This is the account of a makeup artist and a very amazing one at that! She does amazing before and after shots and shares the products she uses and I love seeing her work! Very talented artist


I came across her account when one of her posts was mentioned in a fb group I am part of. She does a lot of comparison posts so swatches, comparing Primers and foundations – really informative and honest. She is up to date with new products and it's my go to place when I want to know more about products on the market.


I love this account because she regularly posts tutorials and products she uses. She looks stunning and love the makeup looks! She uses high end and drug store products and changes up the looks she does which keeps it interesting.

6. _beautybyAlex

Love this makeup artist who does incredible eye makeup looks. Great account for eye makeup Inspo! She lists her products and is very creative and talented

7. chrisspy

Where do I start with this account?! All the hair, makeup and beauty Inspo into one. Obsessed with her look, hair and everything really! Not afraid to play with colours and her Halloween looks are out of this world.


Very gorgeous and glam youtuber. Her insta is a mix of makeup and fashion and she isnt shy to try daring looks – I love that she keeps it fresh and gives us serious makeup inspo!!

9. ashleymareebeauty

She is a beauty and lifestyle writer and I love her enormous product posts – she has gorgeous flatlays and makeup looks and is a great go to person for new products! She does insta video tutorials which I love also!

10. emmaroseofficial

Love Emma as she shares her modelling beauty secrets, great fashion pieces and travels! She is body goals and has amazing photos – promotes healthy living as well.


Are you of these your favourites? Comment below your number 1 insta beauty account!


S S xx

Review: Chia Seed Discovery Kit

Hello Beauties

I got my hands on The Face Shop's Chia Seed Discovery Kit and have been testing out the set the last few weeks!

In the Kit you receive three items – a Chia Seed Hydrating Toner, a Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion and a Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream. All products contain South American Chia Seed Extract.

I haven't tried this brand before so this is a first!

Chia Seed Hydrating Toner

This toner clarifies your skin without drying it out. The toner has a fresh airy kind of smell really pleasant and gentle. I patted the toner gently onto my skin after every cleanse (morning and night).

My skin looks clear, clean and supple!

Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion

This aids in retaining your skins moisture and contains Chia Seed extract instead of water.

The texture of this is like a milky liquid not too thick not too runny, lovely fresh smell!

I patted this onto my skin especially the drier more tired looking areas and gives an instant hydration boost and glow.

Great for people with dry skin or in winter. The skin completely absorbs it right away!

Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream

This amazing cream hydrated while the cottonseed keeps the t zone shine free. It's the best all round hydrating cream, hydrating the dry areas while keeping the shiny areas nice and matte.

It looks more like a clear gel then a cream so I was surprised to see that when I opened the tub. Smells refreshing and easy to apply.

This is great for people with oily skin or for summer time!

Overall the three products work amazingly together and your skin will love you for it. Skin has complete hydration and not a oily patch in sight!

Have you tried these products or this brand?!
Comment below your thoughts


Weekly Wrap-up

Hello Beauties x

It's been a long week so I'm glad we have the weekend to look forward to! 

Here are this week's finds:

Have an amazing weekend x

July is for … Jewellery 

Hair jewellery that is!

I am currently obsessed with hair jewellery so wanted to dedicated to post to it. I was never a big 'things in my hair' kind of person but while I was researching hair styles for my wedding I stumbled upon all the jewellery for hair and fell in love!

I love delicate pieces that just snuggle into the hair and aren't super obvious:

Image source 

Image source

Image source

Image source

                               Image source

                                   Image source

Then there are some great bolder pieces:

Image source

Image source

Image source

Image source 

Image source

                       Hair Jewellery Wish List

Available at ASOS

Available at ASOS

Available at ASOS

Available at Boohoo

Available at Boohoo

So you guys own any amazing hair jewellery? Where is your go to store for it?!

Comment below s

SS x

New week new start!

I had fun picking this week’s goodies to talk about! This week are some of my long term favourites – the ones that stuck around and never disappointed me 😊

Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation

I’ve used this foundation for many years now and it was a lifesaver when there were very few foundations that would give me the coverage yet control the shine on my face!

It’s got quite a creamy consistency and I noticed that if I left the lid open for a day or two the cream would get thicker and stayed more in place when I wore it! I like the matte smooth finish it gives and that’s one of the main reasons I’ve continued to use it.

Also one tub lasted me two months sometimes so it is very pigmented and spreads easy! I tend to buy a summer and winter shade so that it matches my skin in the changing seasons. 

Natural Instinct Restoring Night Cream

This cream is full of hydrating oils and antioxidants! 

It is a heavier cream so I wouldn’t wear it during the day but it is highly absorbant. My skin eats it up everytime – also if you have oily skin this actually takes away shine! 

I’ve been using it for about 6 months and in terms of keeping my skin hydrated it’s never disappointed. You can smell all of the natural oils when you do have it on it’s quite refreshing and it really penetrates deep into your skin for an ultimate hydration boost!

Essence All About Grey- Palette

I bought this palette when I was looking for something affordable for a dark smokey look and was surprised by how amazing the pigmentation on this is.

Also love the choice of shades and it was pleasantly a really blendable almost creamy powder.

All the shades have some shimmer to it – below are the shade swatches with and without flash    (starting from top row left to right followed by bottom row left to right):

My favourite shade is bottom row 3rd from the left. It is actually more darker than it looks when you look at the palette and blends really nicely with darker and softer colours.

Sally Hansen – Water Resistant Airbrush Legs

This has been a staple of my for some years now and it’s one of those products you are just thankful to have around. 

I love the variety of shades and the easy of spraying this on, blending it in and not having to worry about sweating it off or anything. An instant fix me up! 

There have been desperate moments I’ve used it to contour my face and it worked a treat did not budge! 

Also this one spray bottle has lasted me so long I think it’s been two years?? Because of how pigmented the product is you really don’t use that much at all!
That’s a wrap for this week’s Four To Try! 

Any of these your favourites or staples? Let me know your thoughts comment below x

S S x 

Weekly Wrap-up

Happy end of the  week lovelies!

Have a relaxing weekend x


Four To Try!

It was another hard week of choosing four to try products but I’m excited about these picks!!

Tony Moly – Hyaluronic Acid Mask 

So I came across this brand and masks from seeing it on another blogger’s Instagram and decided to give it a go!

The sheet is very thin and super wet with the product. It felt very refreshing on the skin and has almost a cooling effect on it.

The pack states this mask is to hydrate your skin. After having it on for 20 mins I rinsed my skin and moisturised as usual. I definitely noticed a change in the hydration of my skin, it looked plump and healthy and areas which normally have some redness didn’t appear to be red anymore! 

I think with regular use this mask would be amazing for the skin! Also doesn’t hurt it’s affordable too!!

Revlon Professional – All in One Hair Treatment

There are many sprays that claim to be all in one and boast many benefits so I wasn’t sure if this would be another one of those!

The spray bottle claims to fight frizziness, repair damaged hair, split end prevention, adds body, and detangles amongst other things.

I first used it on wet hair and I did notice my hair dried quicker but other than that didn’t notice other changes. 

I then tried it on dry hair and noticed it did smooth out my hair which was great. I’m going to keep using this for another week to see if maybe you need to use this for a decent period of time before it actually does all of those things. 

It does have a nice smell and you get quite a lot of product in the bottle so if you need something to boost your hair to dry quicker or to smooth it out this will do the trick! 

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

I only have good things to say about this one!

Where do I start…. let’s start with coverage. This is my go to for cover ups that I need to conceal for a full day. This foundation is high coverage with a matte finish. 

Texture wise it is a thick cream and it is very creamy and spreadable. I use only a small amount to spread across half my face! 

What I love about it is it doesn’t budge so I gave confidence it’s not going to rub off. Works best with a silicone based concealer.

If you love matte and high coverage you will love this! 

Revlon Matte Balm – shade 255

Another Revlon product this week! This is my go to nude for the lips. Very pigmented and creamy.

I love this shade because it’s not too nude that you look like you aren’t wearing any colour. It’s a perfect warm nude. 

Love the matte finish and it’s a very soft finish. I can’t wait to get my hands on more colours. Wouldn’t mind some brighter shades for summer.

That’s all for this week! 

Have you tried any of these and what did you think??

Comment below x

SS xx