Weekly Wrap-up

Hello Beauties xIt's been a long week so I'm glad we have the weekend to look forward to! Here are this week's finds:Hair oil for everybodyThis fun duoAcai bowl!Newest beauty items to hit the stores - pretty excited about all of these xPet owners who love interior design - for you xLatest runway makeup This. - more please … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up


New week new start! I had fun picking this week's goodies to talk about! This week are some of my long term favourites - the ones that stuck around and never disappointed me 😊 Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation I've used this foundation for many years now and it was a lifesaver when there were … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Greetings lovelies! Check out this week's picks: Washing faces - are we doing it right ?? Laughter yoga??  Love addiction - it's a real thing  DIY shoe shelf - love this 💜 Before the Internet -  whole other world  My next baking adventure  Nudes for days - brilliant ! Nut butter how to - love making my own! For the travellers  This takes … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up

Four To Try

Hi Lovelies! I have some amazing products this week: Goldwell Just Smooth 60 Sec Treatment I can't rave about this product brought! Firstly this product has the best smell - it's a cross between candy and flowers soooo amazing. If you are looking for a treatment to soften and smooth your hair ( regardless if … Continue reading Four To Try