New week new start!

I had fun picking this week’s goodies to talk about! This week are some of my long term favourites – the ones that stuck around and never disappointed me 😊

Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation

I’ve used this foundation for many years now and it was a lifesaver when there were very few foundations that would give me the coverage yet control the shine on my face!

It’s got quite a creamy consistency and I noticed that if I left the lid open for a day or two the cream would get thicker and stayed more in place when I wore it! I like the matte smooth finish it gives and that’s one of the main reasons I’ve continued to use it.

Also one tub lasted me two months sometimes so it is very pigmented and spreads easy! I tend to buy a summer and winter shade so that it matches my skin in the changing seasons. 

Natural Instinct Restoring Night Cream

This cream is full of hydrating oils and antioxidants! 

It is a heavier cream so I wouldn’t wear it during the day but it is highly absorbant. My skin eats it up everytime – also if you have oily skin this actually takes away shine! 

I’ve been using it for about 6 months and in terms of keeping my skin hydrated it’s never disappointed. You can smell all of the natural oils when you do have it on it’s quite refreshing and it really penetrates deep into your skin for an ultimate hydration boost!

Essence All About Grey- Palette

I bought this palette when I was looking for something affordable for a dark smokey look and was surprised by how amazing the pigmentation on this is.

Also love the choice of shades and it was pleasantly a really blendable almost creamy powder.

All the shades have some shimmer to it – below are the shade swatches with and without flash    (starting from top row left to right followed by bottom row left to right):

My favourite shade is bottom row 3rd from the left. It is actually more darker than it looks when you look at the palette and blends really nicely with darker and softer colours.

Sally Hansen – Water Resistant Airbrush Legs

This has been a staple of my for some years now and it’s one of those products you are just thankful to have around. 

I love the variety of shades and the easy of spraying this on, blending it in and not having to worry about sweating it off or anything. An instant fix me up! 

There have been desperate moments I’ve used it to contour my face and it worked a treat did not budge! 

Also this one spray bottle has lasted me so long I think it’s been two years?? Because of how pigmented the product is you really don’t use that much at all!
That’s a wrap for this week’s Four To Try! 

Any of these your favourites or staples? Let me know your thoughts comment below x

S S x 


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