Office Drawer Beauty Must Haves

If you work in an office like me you can appreciate the beauty challenges we face (air conditioning killing our skin, going from day to night looks, need for makeup with longevity!)

Today I wanted to share with you my office drawer beauty must haves that have saved me over the years and made sure my beauty needs are taken care of!

Hair help:

Bobby pins

Our best friends that forever keep disappearing! Bobby pins are great for the office drawer in case of hair emergencies or pretty much keeping anything in place.

Dry Shampoo:

For those bad hair days when your hair needs a pick me up and some volume. Also if you are time poor with meetings all day and need hair refreshment.

Hair rings:

For when you need to go from up to down whether it’s gym after work, quick bun or the classic ponytail this holds it all up with no hair kinks left over.

Skin help:

Face mist:

Air conditioning kills our skin so keeping it hydrated inside and out is vital. Having a refreshing and soothing face mist on stand bye always helps ( esp if you are hungover at work!)

Paw Paw cream:

It can do no wrong – use it for hands, lips, arms, legs whatever you need to take dryness away – skin friendly and cheap. Chapped anything? grab some paw paw!

Shine-free powder:

Keep shine away and makeup in place with a shine proof powder on standby. You never know when you may need a touch up so something translucent is best.

Makeup help:

Red lippie

I always keep to different lipsticks on hand, a classic red is always a must and great for changing from day to night or upgrading you makeup look from natural to dramatic.

Nude lippie:

The other lippie is always a nude for a natural work appropriate option. Great for moments when you have forgotten a lippie altogether as nudes go with pretty much anything.


Again when taking your look from day to night adding a second coat of mascara always helps take you to the next level. Voluminous lashes on standby.

I would love to hear what beauty essentials do you currently have in your work drawer? What product has saved you in moments of need at work? Comment below x

SS x


Blonde Must Haves

If you are a fellow bleached blonde like me you would have experienced many years of experimenting different tones, treatments, serums, conditioners and sprays trying to find the holy grails for your locks!

Well after much searching far and wide over a long period of time I’ve come to find some treasured goods I know fellow blondes would benefit from!

For hydration:

Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator

This hydrator changed my hair life! With other conditioners they did condition my hair but it was short lived and never moisturised my hair to the extend this product does.
It’s a rich creamy conditioner that literally moisturises your hair ASAP. I use this twice a week and my hair breaks less and is completely nourished and healthy.
It is a real quality product that delivers and worth every cent.

For Split ends and vitamins:

OGX Healing + Vitamin E Penetrating Oil

I’ve used this oil for years – I use this oil on my ends when I get out of the shower and let my hair air dry.
This oil has always given my hair great nutrients, decreased my split ends and given me silky hair without making my hair greasy. I’ve tried other hair oils by the same brand and they didn’t work as well or do as much for my hair as this one. Great for strengthening your locks.

For toning :

Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde T1 Icy Platinum Anti-Yellow Refresher Mousse

I came across this when I was in Kmart and fell in love the first time I used it. It’s a purple mousse that you pop into your hair and leave for 20-30 minutes and wash out. This mousse is fantastic at removing all yellow tones, the longer you leave it in the lighter the ones will be. I have been using this for about 6 months and still have a lot of product in the bottle. Affordable, effective and amazing for blondes.

For heat protection:

L’Oreal Advanced Hairstyle Boost It Blow Out Heatspray

I love this spray because it give volume while protecting your hair from heat. Smells amazing and hair looks incredible without being damaged! Doesn’t affect hair colour or tone either!

For leave in conditioning:

Olaplex No. 3 Take Home Hair Perfector

Out of all the products this is my holy grail hair product. This product strengthens hair and your hair grows so quickly! This can be used on wet hair or dry. I use this in my hair when wet and leave it in. You can blow dry or air dry it and it builds broken hair follicles back up again. The longer you use it the longer your hair grows and less breakage! Such an awesome product!

For shine:

Lee Stafford Shine Spray

I’ve tried a few Shine sprays looking for something that doesn’t grease my hair. This I’ve used for years – has an amazing smell and the shine is so beautiful! Doesn’t grease your hair and gives the best shine for blondes!

These are some of my favourites but I love finding new products – comment below your holy grail products and why?

SS x

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Tony Moly Masks!

Today I'm going to share with you one of my favourite face mask brands – Tony Moly!

Tony Moly has a vast range of quality face masks for all different face types and issues! What I love most about this brand is the quality of ingredients in the masks and how effective these are on the skin.

Tony Moly – Master Lab Intensive Brightening mask:

This sheet mask is jam packed with real vitamin C! Unlike conventional sheet masks made with cotton, Tony Moly 'nude seal' technology used in this collection delivers a thin skin-fitting material that clings to all facial contours for ideal absorption of the concentrated serum.

Really easy to use, pop on and leave for 20 mins then discard. This mask left my skin radiant and nourished, this lasted for about 3-4 days so for anyone with dull skin this is a fantastic pick me up!

Tony Moly – Dr.Logy Blemish Mask

This one is a life saver! I grabbed this one when I had a few breakouts and needed help! This mask helps skin recover from breakouts by removing dead skin cells with its ingredient of madecassoside.

The mask also contains Betaine salicylate and glycolic acid which helps reduce breakouts and fade acne scars. It also calms irritation and minimises inflammation for a breakout-free complexion!

My breakouts were gone by the next day and redness disappeared! I now have a few of these on standby for these moments.

Tony Moly – Panda's Dream Eye Patch

First of all the packing of this mask is so adorable I'm a huge fan of the design it's too cute.
This eye patch reduces dark circles and dull skin around the eyes. They are formulated with a whitening “formula” of Niacinamide that helps to lighten dark circles and I was really surprised at how great my eyes looked in the morning! The mask definitely moisturises the eyes and takes away puffiness. It gives a radiant glow and the more frequently you use the masks the better your eyes look!
Really hydrating and soothing eye mask that rids the eyes of dullness.

Tony Moly – I'm Real Red Wine Pore Care Mask

This is probably my favourite mask as it targets large pores! It is packed with red wine extract to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while tightening the skin.

What I love about this mask is it does live true to its name, the next day my pores were tiny and my skin plumper! It not only reduces my pores but hydrated my skin a whole lot. For anyone with large pores this mask will do the trick to keep them small, this lasted for me for about 3 days.

It has a sweet wine smell so not too overwhelming and pleasant. Great for combination skin and keeping your skin tight and smooth.

What are your thoughts on this brand? Do you have a favourite mask? Comment below!
SS xx

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MOTD : Meet Matt(e) Palette


So I wanted to share my Makeup Of The Day using my recent eBay purchase the Cocosh She Meet Matt(e) Palette.

I randomly found this one while browsing online and grabbed it! I loved the look of the colours and needed some more matte shadows!

I was pleasantly surprised to see such great quality, pigmentation and colours of this palette so I had to do a makeup look using it!!


Without flash:

With flash:


Above I used the shades Matt Kumar and Matt Evans.

Overall I would def buy this palette again, love the colours and pigmentation + low cost!
If you would like to find it on eBay here is the link (other shades available) shop here.

Do you have any awesome eBay purchases you love? Comment below I want to check it out!


Current 5 Must Read Beauty Books!

If you are an avid beauty enthusiast like me you might have come across some awesome beauty reads. There is so much choice out there from beauty icons spilling their secret techniques to biographies of iconic start ups!

Today I'm going to share with you my current favourites :

A great makeup 'bible' in depth how to for everything from skincare to face to body etc. There's a whole section dedicated to just makeup artist techniques and secrets and amazing photographs of finished looks from everyday to runway!

This book is an absolute must for anyone wanting to know it all about actual cosmetics. It goes through how and what they are manufactured from (over the ages), impact they have had on women and image and iconic people in the cosmetic world and their role in the makeup industry. Brilliant and informative!

If skincare is your interest then this is for you. This book is the all you need to know about getting fabulous skin from the inside out! Filled with recipes and how to's for all skincare types and skincare issues. Natural care for beautiful skin split into seasons.

For all the product junkies! This book has over 200 iconic and influential beauty products of the years and their story. The book goes into why they were significant and how they affected the beauty world. An amazing in depth look at some of the best products out there.

This book famous makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin transforms faces of ordinary and famous people! He shows how anyone can have many 'faces' and showcases the true power of makeup. He provides in depth how to for each face transformation!

I love each of these for the different aspects of the cosmetics world they cover and they are definitely books that you can always refer or go back to for inspo!

What beauty book have you been blown away by? Comment below x

SS xx

Top Setting Sprays

Greetings lovelies!

As someone with oily skin I've become a huge lover of setting sprays. They have saved me.
As their popularity has grown the variety of setting sprays has grown also so we have so much choice nowadays.

Here are five of my current faves:

Cover Fx – Illuminating Setting Spray

Instant all over luminous quick drying spray.
Stay all day spray! It's illuminating without going overboard ( great for anyone with a oily skin). You can control how luminous you want it so the more you spray on the more luminous you will be!

Matte Finish Spray

My fave budget setting spray.
I totally trust this spray and know when I use it my makeup won't budge, it really locks everything in.

Affordable , matte and quick drying.

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day

Another affordable gem! This spray doesn't affect your finish so you won't loose your highlight or matte finish but it will set and refresh your face!

Feels refreshing without messing up your makeup and your makeup won't budge! I didn't need to touch up all day long – this green tea one is my fave as it has added antioxidants.

Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray

A classic and one for all skin types.
Shake bottle before spraying and if you need to make your makeup last even longer wet your brush with it and apply before makeup and then spray to lock in after.

Makeup Forever – Mist and Fix

This spray sets your makeup while letting it breathe. It has a special ingredient which helps deliver oxygen to the skin. Delivers a crease free finish all day.

Are any of these your favourites? Comment below