Current 5 Must Read Beauty Books!

If you are an avid beauty enthusiast like me you might have come across some awesome beauty reads. There is so much choice out there from beauty icons spilling their secret techniques to biographies of iconic start ups!

Today I'm going to share with you my current favourites :

A great makeup 'bible' in depth how to for everything from skincare to face to body etc. There's a whole section dedicated to just makeup artist techniques and secrets and amazing photographs of finished looks from everyday to runway!

This book is an absolute must for anyone wanting to know it all about actual cosmetics. It goes through how and what they are manufactured from (over the ages), impact they have had on women and image and iconic people in the cosmetic world and their role in the makeup industry. Brilliant and informative!

If skincare is your interest then this is for you. This book is the all you need to know about getting fabulous skin from the inside out! Filled with recipes and how to's for all skincare types and skincare issues. Natural care for beautiful skin split into seasons.

For all the product junkies! This book has over 200 iconic and influential beauty products of the years and their story. The book goes into why they were significant and how they affected the beauty world. An amazing in depth look at some of the best products out there.

This book famous makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin transforms faces of ordinary and famous people! He shows how anyone can have many 'faces' and showcases the true power of makeup. He provides in depth how to for each face transformation!

I love each of these for the different aspects of the cosmetics world they cover and they are definitely books that you can always refer or go back to for inspo!

What beauty book have you been blown away by? Comment below x

SS xx


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