Tony Moly Masks!

Today I'm going to share with you one of my favourite face mask brands – Tony Moly!

Tony Moly has a vast range of quality face masks for all different face types and issues! What I love most about this brand is the quality of ingredients in the masks and how effective these are on the skin.

Tony Moly – Master Lab Intensive Brightening mask:

This sheet mask is jam packed with real vitamin C! Unlike conventional sheet masks made with cotton, Tony Moly 'nude seal' technology used in this collection delivers a thin skin-fitting material that clings to all facial contours for ideal absorption of the concentrated serum.

Really easy to use, pop on and leave for 20 mins then discard. This mask left my skin radiant and nourished, this lasted for about 3-4 days so for anyone with dull skin this is a fantastic pick me up!

Tony Moly – Dr.Logy Blemish Mask

This one is a life saver! I grabbed this one when I had a few breakouts and needed help! This mask helps skin recover from breakouts by removing dead skin cells with its ingredient of madecassoside.

The mask also contains Betaine salicylate and glycolic acid which helps reduce breakouts and fade acne scars. It also calms irritation and minimises inflammation for a breakout-free complexion!

My breakouts were gone by the next day and redness disappeared! I now have a few of these on standby for these moments.

Tony Moly – Panda's Dream Eye Patch

First of all the packing of this mask is so adorable I'm a huge fan of the design it's too cute.
This eye patch reduces dark circles and dull skin around the eyes. They are formulated with a whitening “formula” of Niacinamide that helps to lighten dark circles and I was really surprised at how great my eyes looked in the morning! The mask definitely moisturises the eyes and takes away puffiness. It gives a radiant glow and the more frequently you use the masks the better your eyes look!
Really hydrating and soothing eye mask that rids the eyes of dullness.

Tony Moly – I'm Real Red Wine Pore Care Mask

This is probably my favourite mask as it targets large pores! It is packed with red wine extract to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while tightening the skin.

What I love about this mask is it does live true to its name, the next day my pores were tiny and my skin plumper! It not only reduces my pores but hydrated my skin a whole lot. For anyone with large pores this mask will do the trick to keep them small, this lasted for me for about 3 days.

It has a sweet wine smell so not too overwhelming and pleasant. Great for combination skin and keeping your skin tight and smooth.

What are your thoughts on this brand? Do you have a favourite mask? Comment below!
SS xx


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