Office Drawer Beauty Must Haves

If you work in an office like me you can appreciate the beauty challenges we face (air conditioning killing our skin, going from day to night looks, need for makeup with longevity!)

Today I wanted to share with you my office drawer beauty must haves that have saved me over the years and made sure my beauty needs are taken care of!

Hair help:

Bobby pins

Our best friends that forever keep disappearing! Bobby pins are great for the office drawer in case of hair emergencies or pretty much keeping anything in place.

Dry Shampoo:

For those bad hair days when your hair needs a pick me up and some volume. Also if you are time poor with meetings all day and need hair refreshment.

Hair rings:

For when you need to go from up to down whether it’s gym after work, quick bun or the classic ponytail this holds it all up with no hair kinks left over.

Skin help:

Face mist:

Air conditioning kills our skin so keeping it hydrated inside and out is vital. Having a refreshing and soothing face mist on stand bye always helps ( esp if you are hungover at work!)

Paw Paw cream:

It can do no wrong – use it for hands, lips, arms, legs whatever you need to take dryness away – skin friendly and cheap. Chapped anything? grab some paw paw!

Shine-free powder:

Keep shine away and makeup in place with a shine proof powder on standby. You never know when you may need a touch up so something translucent is best.

Makeup help:

Red lippie

I always keep to different lipsticks on hand, a classic red is always a must and great for changing from day to night or upgrading you makeup look from natural to dramatic.

Nude lippie:

The other lippie is always a nude for a natural work appropriate option. Great for moments when you have forgotten a lippie altogether as nudes go with pretty much anything.


Again when taking your look from day to night adding a second coat of mascara always helps take you to the next level. Voluminous lashes on standby.

I would love to hear what beauty essentials do you currently have in your work drawer? What product has saved you in moments of need at work? Comment below x

SS x


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