10 Foundation Tools

Lately I’ve been experimenting with using different makeup tools for my foundation application. There have a been some disappointments and some new Happy discovered so I wanted to dedicate this post to sharing my top 10 high achievers when it comes to helping apply foundation!

This isn’t ranked in anyway – these are the tools that I loved out of the bunch !


I was a little hesitant in purchasing these however they were worth every penny! These brushes are super soft and glide foundation on like a dream. Very airbrush like, even and they don’t take away any coverage when applying. These brushes are great for creamy foundations!

Also great for contouring as they slide on so smooth you can contour your entire face with a few sweeps.


This was another surprising find. This is great for thicker high coverage foundations as it doesn’t absorb any of the foundation so less product wastage and when blended into the skin gives a smooth and high coverage finish. Very easy to use and clean! No messy brush washing!


The O.G of makeup foundation brushes. This bad boy is the go to for important events where you want your liquid foundation to be flawless and full coverage. This doesn’t hold onto too much product and with easy strokes perfectly overs your skin flawlessly. A must for any makeup wearing beauty!


Beauty blenders are my go to for lighter coverage. They easily blend in Foundation into a natural finish. They do absorb some product but that is expected with it being a sponge! There are many shapes and sizes out there to accomodate all the curves of the face. Can also be used to contour, blend blushes and highlight too.


I actually bought this brush off eBay and it is ahhhhhmazing! Fantastic for baking powdering your face and also for any liquid foundation. The super fine bristles just blend the foundation on so beautifully I can’t fault it. Feels amazing on the skin and gives an airbrush finish!


What I love about this beauty is it’s a sponge with a brush handle so you have more control over your application, be able to get into hard to reach angles and spots for a smoother finish than I would get with other sponges. Can be used for contouring as well, both for lighter and heavier coverage foundations too. I tend to wet the sponge if I am using Foundation sticks so that it can blend it out easier, and keep it dry for for more liquidy foundations.


For all the mineral powder foundation users this is brush for you! Picks up powder really well and great for spreading evenly all over the face! Gentle on the skin and packs on the powder easily and smoothly! The bristles are fantastic for all powder so perfect for contouring too!


The classic cosmetic sponge is the O.G of sponges. Powder, liquid, creams it does them all. Use wet or dry , dab – sweep- blend, so many ways to use these bad boys I always have these on standby or on the go! Fantastic for building coverage.


This brush gives ultimate control over distribution of product for both Face and body. Tear drop shape makes it easy to get into tricky places. Bristles allow smooth finish and flawless coverage! Great for thicker creamy foundations. Equally great for spreading Foundation powder evenly.


This brush blends foundation like a blur filter into the skin. Dense and angled bristles targets coverage where you want it. Great for buffing as well. Fantastic for cream stick foundations! Can be used for liquid sheer foundations too as it blends so well! Pretty much best used for any foundations that need lots of blending.

What is your most used Foundation tool?! Have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts?

SS xx


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