Halloween Makeup Products

Love Halloween but now sure which products to use ? This is the article for you!

Halloween makeup can be a lot of fun and the creativity options are endless, I’ve put together my fave product pics for Halloween:


Fake blood:

Fake Blood

Bloodworks Drying Pastes

These pastes are incredible for fake wounds or blood, they dry quick, stay in place and look really realistic! They come in different consistencies and are perfect for any bloodied look!


Skin Prep

Skin Prep Pro

This spray is essential to all Halloween looks, it seals makeup and is sweat proof so you don’t have to worry about your makeup smudging or moving. Also great pretty much for any occasion needing budge proof makeup.

Silver Hair:


Mehron Hair White

This product greys your hair! Can be brushed or sponged into the hair for a silver or white effect. As the colour dries, it will absorb the hair colour and become darker. A second or third coat may be needed. It is water washable so comes out easy!



Mehron Liquid Latex

This is used to create unusual skin textures and scars. Dries quick and holds make well, easy to removed (peels off) Great for small areas like face scaring and wounds.



Mehron Toothfx Tooth Effects

This product is non toxic and creates different looks for teeth, this one is a Nicotine effect so smokers teeth, there are other effects like blood, zombie green, white, gold and black. Comes with a brush and is temporary.



Essentials Wolfe Monster Palette

This 6 colour Monster Palette is the go to for durability and coverage when it comes to monster body art. Great for blood, bruises etc

Colours are:

Charcoal(008), Blood (028), Raw Sienna(052), Orc (053), Blithe (065), and Bruise(082). 

Comment below what you are dressing up as for Halloween or what has been your fave Halloween costume?



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