Top 10 ‘Good For Your Soul’ Products

Today I wanted to share something a little bit different, as we are all ‘go go go’ most of the time it is important to give yourself some love every now and then. As much as I love all things beauty I also have some products that I just had to share that are amazing for your well being and the good stuff inside of you.

Read these:

Adventures for Your Soul : 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential



This books is an empowering process that encourages you to take the leap of faith and achieve all the things you have put aside, or been too afraid to do, too busy, told it’s not achievable, the things you know will make you happy and that give you inner drive. A must read.

Congratulations, By the Way



Words and thoughts on Kindness, Saunders tells us how he came to prize kindness above all other virtues. The kind life, he says, is not necessarily the easiest one — but it’s the only one worth living. Life changing and humbling read.

Do these:

Connect – write, text, Facetime, Snap, go see in person

Call or write to friends or acquaintances or family and ask how they are. Every time we make the effort to connect with others we create a powerful force in the world that shuts down fear and loneliness.

Sleep – adult night lights

Sometimes it is really hard to switch off, adult night lights help distract and soothe your mind and allow it to focus on something quite peaceful until you fall asleep.


Make a daily 10-minute date with yourself – treat yourself

Spend these 10 minutes doing whatever makes you feel good, whether that’s having just some quiet time, watching a funny video, making a cup of coffee, listening to music or going for a walk, commit to 10 mins at least for yourself a day.

Try this all in one makeup brush to touch up your face when you aren’t looking so flash (it blends, contours and highlights):



Serve somebody – Shout For Good App

This could be your neighbour, pet, stranger, coffee shop owner, colleague, whoever – just do something for someone else big or small!

This app allows you to donate to a huge range of charities and causes right from your phone. Takes seconds to shout someone a meal, an animal some medication or a shelter some resources. Download today!

Try new scenery – be an explorer

Whether this is by taking a new way to work, exploring a new area in your local town, walking a different way, trying a new restaurant or cafe, give your surroundings a change to stimulate your mind and senses.

I love this book because it teaches you to see everything! Today we can miss so much because we are consumed by our phones but this book teaches you how to use your senses (again?)



Sometimes we don’t even know how much we hold onto things until we do a clean out. Schedule in regular monthly sessions – it could be your whole house or just a drawer, having things in order eases the mind.

Here is a great article on makeup decluttering – read here

This photo holder makes a scattered photo mess look amazing:


Get a massage – Massage chair pad 

Massages don’t just give obvious physical benefits but mentally switching off combats stress and pain. The benefits of the pad is you can take it to any chair!

Create something 

You don’t need to be an artist or even have a big imagination, pick something you enjoy doing and have some time to have a creative outlet, it can be sewing, baking, drawing, writing, playing an instrument, taking photos whatever it is – creating allows you a healthy distraction of enjoyment.

I love this baking set from Hotterpower 


What things do you like to do that is good for your soul?

Until next time!



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