DIY Gift Ideas

With the holiday season around the corner what better way then to spoil your loved ones with a meaningful gift?! I love making gifts just as much as receiving homemade gifts. I love being able to customise it for the person and being creatively free to how it looks or what it contains.

Here are some of my favourite DIY ideas for the holiday season:

Sharpie Creations (for the home goddesses/gods,office buddies, tea/coffee addicts, foodies):

Think mugs, dinnerware, bowls with your custom creative touch!


Dip Mixers(for the foodies and entertainers)

This is so cute and you can create dip mixers with the flavours you know they love! Also be as creative with the containers as you want!


Custom Teatowels (another one for the foodies)

There is an endless list of funny and personal images and wording you can have on these! Not to mention fabric patterns and sizes.


Book Clutch(for the bookworms)

This is for anyone who loves to read on the go – great book protector and stylish case.


Brownies in Jar(for everyone?!)

Who doesn’t love a brownie? Again, you can add or remove as many items as you like to suit their favourite flavours!


DIY Calender(for everyone)

Get the photos out and get cracking, this is a gift they can use all year round!


Bubble Bath Set (for anyone needing downtime)

I love this one so much – it has everything you need to unwind and I love that the bubble bath is in a little champagne bottle!


Emergency Chocolate (last minute gifts)

I love this because it is so easy to put together and so clever!


What is the best homemade gift you have ever received? Comment below!

Happy gifting x



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