It’s safe to say over the last 10 years I have been an avid self tanner, a mixture of my impatience to sit in the sun and not wanting to damage my skin makes me reach for these quick fixes.

I’ve put together my review of the big brands I have tried and what has worked for me and why. I’ve also put together my best tips for self tanning that I’ve picked up over the years!

Loving Tan


This tan is on the pricey side and not as easily available however it is my holy grail for special events and worth the money if you want a quality mousse tan on standby for those really important occasions. Why is it so good? Great natural looking tan results, quick drying, doesn’t transfer easy and lasts!!

Australis Rapid Tan


This purple mousse isn’t bad, it is my second best everyday tan, only thing I would critic it on is the longevity if you sweat or shower, colour wise it is good even dries quick too. Affordable and easily available also!

Bondi Sands – Ultra Dark


This is my absolute fave all time everyday tanner, I have nothing negative to say about this bad boy. Colour dark and natural, doeskin come off easily even if you sweat, dries really quickly, lasts for ages, affordable, easily available and one bottle lasts forever! If you haven’t tried this – drop everything and go get this.

Le Tan – Uber Dark


I actually really wanted to like this one, but it doesn’t last and the tan itself is still quite orangey. It isn’t the worst tanner, but I would only use this if I needed a tan but it wasn’t for anything important and I wasn’t going to get wet with it on. It does come off easy too…

St Tropez 


Back in the day this was a big name in self tanning, however with new competitors bringing out the A game this has lowered in popularity. Like Loving Tan, it is on the pricier side however, it does produce a nice natural tan that does last. Negatives would be if you like your tan a little darker you would have to put on a few layers and it does take a while to dry but other than that it is pretty good.

Now for some tips on application and also removing!

  • If you don’t have a tanning mitt, use regular food grade gloves. For mousses this works great – doesn’t go on your hands and more easy to handle than a mitt.
  • Moisturize beforehand, let the lotion soak in completely, your skin should be hydrated but not sticky.
  • If you are tanning after a shower, before you get out have the water as cold as you can stand it and put your legs under it. This will close off your pore so that when you tan you don’t have tan clogged pores on your legs or spots. (Pat your skin dry not rub then wait until completely dry before lotioning up then tanning after)
  • I don’t wash off my self tanner, I let it completely soak in and just pat any excess off the next day.
  • If you get some tan on your palms after it has developed, pop some shaving cream on it and let it soak then wash off.
  • When taking off an old tan, use really good quality exfoliation gloves, those cheap shower gloves you can buy everywhere don’t do the trick. You will need gloves with fine exfoliating material that is strong and can get all the tan out of your pores. Test out the strength in store against your dry skin. I found really good ones at K-mart!
  • Alternative to removing tan is to buy a tan remover, I use a mousse one from Bondi Sands, you pop it on and leave for 30 secs and then rub off. I use this for hard to remove areas.
  • Remember to moisturize everyday so your tan lasts longer and doesn’t dry out and crack!
  • Whatever you do – do not put new tan on top of old tan – it will never turn out looking good!

I would love to know other great tanners out there, what is your favourite?

Hope my tips have been helpful!




4 thoughts on “Self-tanning

  1. Ange says:

    Bondi Sands & Loving Tan are the bessssst!

    Have you tried Mine Tan? Their range is good and the tan looks gorgeous, but it just never seems to last very long on me 😦

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