The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup!

Sometimes you just need to look refreshed without a full face of makeup, a gentle coverup but nothing crazy!

Today I’m sharing my favourite natural looking makeup and what products I use.

For any natural looks I like to start by mixing my primer with CC or BB cream and applying it on my face – this give a great smooth base and covers imperfections.

Also for any natural looks I never use any powder so after the primer/CC cream combo I lightly contour my face using a cream contour palette (I used the Australis Cream Contour palette) using a wet beauty blender I just gently use the darker creams for under my cheek bones and around my forehead and blend it really well with my CC cream.

Lastly I pop some highlighting cream on the cheeks, inner eye corners and eyebrow arch. I don’t over do it because I don’t want a full on highlighter effect just a natural glow. I use the Rimmel Good to Glow for this.

To finish I pop some clear or nude gloss on the lips and we are done. I love the Covergirl nude glosses (I’ve talked about this one way too much already you know I love it!)

Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving a great natural look?

Until next time!



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