Clothing Haul!

So I came across this clothing website one day while I was on Pinterest and decided to check it out!

I was shocked at how affordable everything was so decided to buy a few items to see the quality and size.

Well I was actually really surprised at the quality and size wise I think I made the right choices!

Here are my picks (I will leave a link to the actual item on the website):

Striped Romper

Really cute and I love the cut so comfortable and light!

Leggings + Sports Bra

Both are great quality and look amazing!

Floral Frill Blouse

Light and perfect for work!

Button up vest

This is super cute and actually bigger than I anticipated works great as a stand alone top or over a dress.

Lace Smock Top

In love with this! Great quality and design.

Striped Cami

This ties into a bow at the back super light and pretty!

Petal Slim Blouse

Perfect for work! Great quality fabric too.

Striped Cami

Another one that ties at the back into a bow! Can also be worn to work.

Ruffle Pencil Skirt

Great fabric – stretchy and slim fit!

Printed Playsuit

Love the design and print!!

Candy Romper

Excuse the wrinkles but that’s the nature of postage – love the colours – not the highest quality fabric but still it is a light summer option!

Overall I def will shop at this site again! Quite impressed by their quality and variety of options!

Comment below any new online stores you have found !




2 thoughts on “Clothing Haul!

  1. makeupbeautyash says:

    OMG I just received an order from them as well! I did find some clothes I have to order bigger than my regular size based on their size chart. Out of all 4 pieces, only one didn’t fit. And all were super affordable!

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